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Did you know whether Singapore is a city or a country? This question seems to be a childish question because almost everyone knows that It is widely recognized as an independent state but according to its ministry of law, It should be treated as a city. Where is Singapore located in the world and in which country it is located? it cannot be decided without a comprehensive study of this article.

It is officially recognized as the Republic of Singapore which is located in the Southeast Asia. It is covering the area of only 416.1 square kilometers and 1.444% water. Its population according to 2013 estimates was calculated
53, 99,200 and density rate 7540/square kilo meters. Is in one of the fastest growing economies around the globe. Due to its fastest growing commerce sector, it has one of the fastest internet connections in the world.


Singapore Economic Growth At a Glance


SIngapore Economic Growth 2013


It is one of the most popular commercial hubs due to its fastest growing and leading commerce sector around the world. Its economy is given the highest rank as the widely open in the world. Its economy is one of the most popular and fastest growing economies around the world because of the lowest taxes, least corrupt and professional business growth are making it the good place for business and this is the key behind its leading economic growth. It’s per capita GDP according to 2012 census was valued $61,046 making it one of the richest countries and states around the world.

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what country is Singapore in and where is Singapore located in the world?

[box type=”tick” style=”rounded”]Ans :  Singapore is located between the parts of Indonesia as well as Malaysia, so it cannot be decided whether it is the part of  Indonesia or Malaysia. Singapore is an independent state located at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula in the South Asia between the Indian Ocean and China Sea.[/box]

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