Job Outsourcing Statistics

Job Outsourcing Statistics Report 2014

In the business, the term Outsourcing refers to the contracting out of a business process to a third-party and near the turn of 21st century; the term Outsourcing has become most popular in the United States of America. Sometimes it involves transferring of assets and employees from the one firm to another but it is not practiced all the time. Outsourcing includes not only the domestic but it also includes the foreign contracting.

Outsourcing Statistic Report 2014

Outsourcing Statistics
Overall Number of  U.S. jobs offshore outsourced during 2013 2,637,239
Percentage of the CFO’s surveyed who said that their firm was currently offshore outsourcing 36%
CFO’s who favored India for outsourcing percentage 26%
CFO’s who favored China for outsourcing 18%


Offshore Outsourcing Around The World

Offshore Outsourcing HD wallpaper

Offshore outsourcing is an activity in which the external organization is hired just to perform some business tasks within a country other than the countries where the products and services are actually produced. Opponents point out that the practice of sending business jobs from one country to the other country with the highest wages are the big factor reducing their own domestic employment rates and the investments.

Key Advantages of Outsourcing At a Glance


One major advantage of Job Outsourcing is the availability of lower costs, better availability of skilled individuals and the given work can be obtained faster through the global talent pool.Numerous customer services jobs and the jobs in the information technology sector such as computer programming, data processing and technical support in the different countries such as United Kingdom and United States have been or are probably affected. Following is a statistic report for the Offshore Outsourcing by sector showing the percentage of different companies.

Offshore Outsourcing By Sector Percentage of
Manufacturing 53 %
IT Services 43 %
R&D 38 %
Distribution 26 %
Call or Help Centers 12 %


There are number of factors for which the different companies and countries prefer Job Outsource. Low cost and quality work in the given time are the major factors behind its increasing trend. Following table is showing the different factors by percentage.

Factors involved that cause Companies Outsource Percentage
Reduction and control in job costs 44 %
Gain access to the IT resources unavailable internally 34 %
It helps to free up the internal resources 31 %
Best for improving the business or Customer Focus 28 %
Much Essential for the Global Recolonization of Company 22 %
Accelerates the Projects 15 %
Gain access to management strategies unavailable internally 15 %
Reduce the Time to the Market 9 %

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Question of the Day

Do you know what are the Top Rated Outsourcing Countries in the world?

There are number of countries which are famous as the top rated Outsourcing Countries around the world. Following is a list of such countries. This list includes the overall rating, resources, skills, workforce and cost index.


Job Outsourcing Good for Amercia

List of Top Rated Outsourcing Countries in the world

Serial No. Country Overall
Cost Index Resources Work
1. Wheat Production by country-top 5 wheat producers in the worldIndia 7.1 8.3 6 1,430,000,000
2. countries producing most gold,gold producing countries,gold production by country,largest gold producing country,biggest gold producer in the worldIndonesia 6.9 8.6 4.3 1,033,000,000
3. china flagChina 6.4 7 5.6 780,000,000
4. Bulgaria flagBulgaria 6.4 8.8 2.9 3,000,000
5. Top 10 Banana Producing Countries in the World,Which Country Produces the Most Bananas in the World -Philippines 6.3 9 2.8 39,000,000
6. jordan flagJordan 6.2 7.6 2.7 2,000,000
7. Top 10 Countries with lowest infant mortality rates in the worldSingapore 6.5 6.4 5.7 3,000,000
8. This article contains the information about Top 10 Mango Producing Countries in the World| Which is the Largest Mangoes Producing Country in the World,Mango production by country and also tells you which country produces the most mangoes in the worldThailand 6 8.2  2.3 39,000,000
9. Lithuania flagLithuania 5.9 7 3.9 2,000,000
10. Egypt flagEgypt 5.8 9 0.9 26,000,000
11. top 10 best countries to visit in the world, malaysia flagMalaysia 5.8 7.9 2.2 12,000,000
12. Estonia flagEstonia 5.8 7.5 5.2 1,000,000
13. Chile flagChile 5.7 7.2 3 8,000,000
14. HungaryHungary 5.6 6.9 3.4 4,000,000
15. PolandPoland 5.6 6.1 3.6 17,000,000
16. Czech RepublicCzech Republic 5.6 6.9 3.2 5,000,000
17. ukraineUkraine 5.5 6.3 3.2 22,000,000
18. RomaniaRomania 5.5 6.8 2.7 9,000,000
19. Latvia flagLatvia 5.4 7 2.7 1,000,000
20. Vietnam FlagVietnam 5.4 7.4 2.5 46,000,000
21. countries producing most gold,gold producing countries,gold production by country,largest gold producing country,biggest gold producer in the worldGhana 4.9 7.5 0.9 11,000,000
22. South Africa  flagSouth Africa 4.6 6.9 0.6 17,000,000
23. Top 5 Tea producers in the worldKenya 4.5 6.7 1.3 18,000,000
24. Senegal flagSenegal 4.3 7.1     0.2 6,000,000

[box type=”tick” style=”rounded”]Currently India is the second most populated country in the world, Although it has the largest Hindu population in the world yet it is the second largest Muslim country in the world. it is the Top Rated Outsourcing Country in the world with the overall rating of 7.1.[/box]

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