Which Countries Produce the Most Olive Oil

Which Countries Produce the Most Olive Oil ?

Oil derived from different natural herbs and other things are used for cooking globally in the uncountable food dishes and cuisines, but the tastiest and healthiest among them is the Olive Oil. According to the Globe Health Organization, Olive oil is ranked as the healthiest oil for cooking which establishes majorly in Mediterranean Basin. By the increasing awareness, advancement in researchers and growing concern for health, the demand for healthy cooking oil is rising rapidly. Also that, various other countries from Asia and the Middle East is also cultivating it which serves as an excellent and unlimited source of its production. Apart from cooking ideas, the olive oil is also used for various other purposes like for human hair. Individually in the United States, output, and quality of olive tree are increasing day by day which gets it one of the most dominant countries in term of production.

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Which Countries Produce the Most Olive Oil

Which Countries Produce the Most Olive Oil

Rank Country Olive Oil
1 Spain 45
2 Italy 25
3 Greece 20
4 California 0.5
5 Others 9.5

 1. Spain

Spain is producing Olive oil in an enormous amount, and they cultivate three hundred million plus trees across the 500 million acres land. It is the biggest producer of it. This country exports most of its olive oil to Italy and Italy then reexport it to the whole world.

2. Italy

In Italy, more than seven hundred local cultivars cultivate Olive oil. Italy is the biggest exporter. They produce around about 0.5M to 0.7M tone Olive Oil. The remarkable skill of Italy is selling more oil than its production.

 3. Greece

Greek’s use more olive oil than any others in the world. The production of oil exceeds 4lac ton per anum. Olives are attached with the history of Greek’s. They produce more than 4 lac ton oil per annum through 150 million tresses of olives across 2.4 million acres. More than 28 hundred mills are working to produce this bulk quantity of olive oil by crushing olives. I hope you like the post about which countries produce the most olive oil. Thank you, sharing is the caring! 🙂

(Which Countries Produce the Most Olive Oil)



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