What Countries Celebrate Christmas Around the World

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The Earth is crowded with people who are following the various religions, and their traditions. As per my own judgment, there is no person who is ignorant of the Christmas holidays around the world. However,  there are might be only a few people who are unfamiliar with the Christmas traditions around the world even they don’t know what Christmas is. So for such people, we are going to put a light on the history of Christmas, and different Christmas traditions around the world. Furthermore, we will also mention What Countries Celebrate Christmas Around the World.

What is Christmas?

Christmas consists of the two different words, Christ, and Mass, which mean Christ’s Mass or the birthday of Jesus Christ that is celebrated on the 25th December annually. So it is the most famous Festival celebrated by the Christianity followers living all on the planet.It is also known as the Noel, Xmas, and Nativity. Christianity is the world’s largest religion and billions of its followers around the globe celebrate this day with a great passion and make it more pleasant by meeting and giving the gifts to each other.

The History of Christmas at a Glance

The Xmas is known as one of the historical religious festivals around the world that traces its roots since 345 AD. It is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus on 25 December Every Year. From different facts and figures, it is witnessed that in the Eastern Christianity, the Jesus birth had already celebrated on 6th and, later on, it was turned on 25th December in the Rome. On this great festival, homes are decorated with lights and greenery, gifts are presented to friends and family. Similarly singing songs and cooking some special foods are also the most common practices that belong to the Christmas traditions around the world.

What Countries Celebrate Christmas Around the World
Xmas Festival is celebrated by all the Christianity followers around the globe in distinct ways, and there is a little bit difference between the Xmas Traditions of different nations in the world. Here is a list of top countries that celebrate Christmas the best.

Christmas in Africa Continent

South Africa

Christmas in south africa , Christmas around the world

In South Africa, Xmas day is the public holiday that is celebrated on the 25th December annually. Although It has a huge distance from Europe continent, still a great part of Christmas traditions is same like the European Christmas Traditions.


christmas festivals 2013, christmas around the globe, , christmas festivals 2013This great festival is also celebrated with great passion in Nigeria because it is one of the most religious countries around the globe. Here the majority of people is following the Christianity, so it is the most important festival for Nigerian people.

Christmas in Asia


Christmas in India

India is also recognized as the British colony. Therefore, India still holds some British traditions. Here is a state holiday on the Christmas day.India is the second most populated country in the world.Hinduism is a major religion in the countryside but still a large number of Christians reside in India. Christmas traditions are still found in India and people celebrate the Xmas by decorating their homes and distributing the sweets and cakes to friends and neighbors.


Christmas in PakistanPakistan is the second largest country with Muslim population Similarly; it is also the second largest country for the Christians minority. In a survey conducted in 2008, the number of Christians was 28,00,000. It is one of the countries where the Christmas is celebrated the best. People go home to home by singing the carols and spend their friends and family.


Chirstmas in China

China is the most populated in the world. Although here 25th December is not given the legal status of holiday yet it is designated as a public holiday there.

Hong Kong

Christmas in Hong Kong,christmas festivals 2013, christmas around the globe, , christmas festivals 2013

Everyone knows that Christmas around the world has much importance. Therefore, Hong Kong also celebrates the Christmas festival with a great passion. Hence, 25th December is an official holiday in Hong Kong. Here every Christian decorates his home with Xmas lights and Xmas tree also decorating has a popular trend in Hong Kong. It has world’s fastest internet connections that can help people wishing their friends and family living far away from them.


christmas festivals 2013, christmas around the globe, , christmas festivals 2013

Japan is widely cheered due to its commerce sector. It also has some Christmas traditions within its territories. Japan has not any national holiday on this event still gifts, and traditional foods are exchanged between each people who are celebrating the Christmas around the world.


Christmas in MalaysiaAlthough 25th December is the national holiday for in Malaysia yet there are some restrictions on the Malaysian Christians regarding Christmas celebrations.


Christmas in Philippines

In Philippines Christmas is celebrated the best because it is one of the Asian countries where Christmas is celebrated with more passion as compared to many other countries on the planet. The Philippines has got a great prominence for celebrating the long lasting Christmas around the world.


Christmas in SingaporeSingapore has a public holiday on the Xmas festival. People go to the shopping malls and buy gifts and colored lights for decorating Christmas trees along with their homes. And the much beautiful scene is seen in the Singapore.


Christmas in LebanonThe Lebanese Christians celebrate Christmas on 25th December except the Armenian-Lebanese who celebrate it on the 6th January. So 6th January and 25th December both are official holidays in Lebanon.

 North American Countries

United States

Christmas in americaThe United States is one of the richest countries in the world so, it has a strong economy in the world. Here Christmas traditions are found widely, so it is celebrated on the large-scale in the United States. Here the Christmas session begins from the end of November and people used to purchase goods on Black Friday.


Christmas in CanadaCanada has the same Christmas traditions like the United States. Canadian children believe that Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, which is settled in Canada. Here Christmas trees are well decorated, and the people enjoy many festivals on this great festival.

El Salvador

Christmas in El SalvadorHere the children celebrate the Christmas by playing with the firecrackers and fountains that looks same like the tiny volcanoes.


Christmas in BrazilBrazil has a national holiday on the Christmas day, and it is celebrated joyfully by every Christianity follower in Brazil. Here Christmas Eve is one of the most important days for the Brazilian people. Small cities, largest cities and all the places are submerged into the colored lights that create the beautiful sights.


Christmas in Colombia

Colombia has a great sense of the Christmas festival into its people. There are several traditions of Christmas around the world which are celebrated with great passion. People start decorating their homes and buildings from the beginning of November for this great festival. In Colombia on 7th December, a “day of the candles” is celebrated at night.


Christmas in GuatemalaGuatemala has healthy Christmas traditions on this day, people dress up in the ornamental hat that is known as Puritina, and then they dance into a line. Here also looks a Spanish and Maya color into the culture of Guatemala.


Christmas in MexicoMexican Christians are given a statutory holiday on this great event, and people enjoy a lot on this Eve.There are more than 30 Christmas traditions in Mexico, which are not found in any other country.


Christmas in VenezuelaVenezuela has given this day a great significance same like the other religious oceans. The unofficial start of the Xmas festivals is after the end of second half of November.

Christmas Around the World
Other Continents and Countries at a glance

Christmas in Europe

Christmas in Europe
Christmas is not only celebrated by Asian or African countries, but the Christmas is celebrated worldwide. European countries are also taking a great part in the Christmas celebrations around the world.Europe consists of 50 countries and states from which the list of 33 countries is given below that celebrate the best Christmas as compared to the other European countries.

Sr. No. Country
1. The Czech Republic and Slovakia
2. Austria
3. Germany
4. Hungary
5. Poland
6. Romania and Moldova
7. Armenia
8. Belarus
9. Georgia
10. Russia
11. Ukraine
12. Denmark
13. Estonia
14. Finland
15. Iceland
16. Norway
17. Sweden
18. Albania
19. Bosnia and Herzegovina
20. Bulgaria
21. Greece and Cyprus
22. Italy
23. Macedonia
24. Malta
25. Portugal
26. Serbia
27. Spain
28. France
29. Ireland
30. Netherlands and Flanders
31. United Kingdom
Croatia and Slovenia

Christmas in Oceania

2013 Christmas festivals, 2013 christmas designsOceania also has some countries where the Christmas is celebrated passionately. Following is a list of oceanic countries where this festival is celebrated the best.

Sr. No. Countries
1. Australia
2. Fiji
3. New Zealand



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