What Countries Border Syria on the Map

The US has carried out a missile strike against a Syrian air base in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town. Dated: 17/04/2017  Reference: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39523654best places to visit in the world, syria

Syria is officially recognized as the Syrian Arab Republic which is located in the western Asia. Damascus is the capital while Aleppo is the largest city of this country. It is one of the Islamic countries around the globe. Did you know what countries border Syria in the world?No? its OK. No problem.We are here to increase your general knowledge. In this article we are going to give you all the information about geography and economy of this Islamic nation. It’s all the geographical information is provided below.

Geography of Syria in the world

Syria map

It is covering the total area of 185,180 square kilometers and its coastline length is 193 km. The highest point of this country is Mount Hermon which has the height of 2814 m. While on the other hand its lowest point is nearest the Sea of Galilee having -200 depth. Euphrates is the longest river having 3596 km length.  This Islamic nation is located in the Middle East and bordered by the different countries on the map.Following is a list indicating the countries which are bordering Syria in the diverse directions.

List of countries that are Bordering Syria at different directions


Sr. No. Country Capital Direction
1. iraq flag  Iraq Baghdad  South and East
2. israel flag   Israel Jerusalem  West
3. jordan flag  Jordan Amman  South
4. lebanon flag  Lebanon Beirut  West
5. Top 5 Tea producers in the world  Turkey Ankara North


Economy of Syria At a Glance

World Bank has classified this country as a nation with lower middle-income; it is not considered an independent nation  for the oil and agriculture sector. Its oil sector is providing near 40% of exports earnings. Its Gross Domestic Product according to 2012 estimates was calculated $5,100, so it can be said that Syria is one of the richest countries in Asia continent.


Economy of syria at a glance

It has diverse number of natural sources such as iron , gypsum and chrome, manganese ores. Furthermore many other natural resources such phosphates, petroleum, rock salt, asphalt , hydropower and marble are available in Syria which are increasing its earning from natural sources.

More Interesting facts About Syria

Since 1958 to 1961, Syria and Egypt were treated as a single State in the world

It was colonized by the French until 1946 in the world.

Lebanon which is bordering this country to the west, was occupied by Syria from 1976 till 2005.

The strength of Hamas-Hezbollah Alliance had weakened after the Syrian civil war.

This country had ruled by the Al-Assads Since 1970.

According to 2013 estimates its population is 22,457,336 from which 74% population is Sunni Muslim while 12% people are considered to be Alwaite Muslims while 4% are considered Druze.

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