United States Economy in the World Statistics

The United States of America or (U.S.A) is also acknowledged as America or U.S which is consisting of 50 states, 16 territories and a federal district. 48 states and the federal district of Washington D.C are positioned in central North America stuck between Canada and Mexico.  Washington is the capital and New York is the biggest city of America. It is the 4th most educated country in the world. USA has a strongest economy is the world. United states economy is one of the world’s strongest economies making it one of the richest countries in the world by GDP.

A Brief History of United States Economy

If we take a bird’s-eye view on the United states economy, it shows numerous appealing facts about US economy. During the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries the America had its roots in the European Settlements. Within 180 years the U.S economy became a mechanized, enormous and incorporated economy. As per a ballpark figure, it has turned into one fifth of the world’s economy. The United States economy is considered the world’s prevalent economy due to the following reasons.

  • Business Ethnicity

The essential attribute of the U.S. Economy is the economical autonomy reasonable to the private sector as it allows taking the greater part of economic decisions in influential the track and the fabrication scale of U.S Economy. The amount of operational workforce and their yield clearly assist to determine the strength of American economy.

USA Economy in the world MAP







  • More employment opportunities

There are additional opportunities available for job seekers just about the world. Approximately, 154.4 million individuals are employed in America. U.S Government is the largest employment providing sector having 22 million employed individuals. Private sector is the major job providing sector nearly 91% of American populace is engaged to a private job. That is why, all the American citizens are measured the most civilized individuals because of their peak living standards. There is merely a little number of individuals that are unemployed. On February 2013, Almost 7% individuals are unemployed.

For the better understanding of US Economy structure, an analysis was conducted to be acquainted with all the particulars which provided the consequences about U.S economy and U.S employment that is categorized by the sector. There are three main facts of U.S economy  as follows:

  • Service sector of USA provides 78.6% employment.
  • Industry sector of United States consists 19.9%
  • While the Agriculture sector has 1.5%

United States of America Non-Farming Employment Ratio

Industry Number Of Employees
Percent of Total
Retail trade 15,056 10%
Accommodation and food services 11,965 8%
Professional and technical services 8,024 6%
Administrative and waste service 7,816 5%
Local Education 7,758 5%
Ambulatory health care services 6459 4%
Local government (excluding education) 6,270 4%
Finance and insurance 5,869 4%
Construction 5,784 4%
Wholesale trade 5,736 4%
Hospitals 4,829 3%
Transportation and warehousing 4,472 3%
Non-durable goods manufacturing 4,471 3%
Educational services 3,320 3%
Nursing and residential care 3,209 2%
Membership associations and organizations 2,947 2%
Federal government 2,795 2%
Social assistance 2,710 2%
Information 2,697 2%
State government (excluding education) 2,657 2%
State education 2,361 2%
Management of companies and enterprises 2,022 1%
Arts, entertainment and recreation 1,988 1%
Real estate, rental and leasing 1,974 1%
Personal and laundry services 1,330 1%
Repair and maintenance 1,203 <1%
Mining and logging 869 <1%
Utilities 558 <1%
Durable goods manufacturing 349 <1%

Conclusion :

USA is one of the richest countries in the world. It is holds the 4th rank in the list world’s richest countries. It is not only famous for education rate and its economy but it is also the leading nation for having most active Nuclear weapons in the world.

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