Top Ten Largest Weapon Exporting Countries in the World

Did you know which is the largest weapon exporting country in the world? What are the top ten largest weapon exporting countries in the world? The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) is the organization that keeps a record of entire manufacturing of weapons worldwide and their total export and import figures. The data from universal is kept there from where the rankings in arms exporting countries are concluded annually. As per the account, the volume of transfers of major guns in 2011–15 was 14 percent higher than in 2006–10. Moscow and Washington continue to guide the way in exporting the largest amount of arms to the world. Russia and the U.S. remained the largest exporter of primary weapons with the highest share of global arms exports of 33 percent and 25 percent respectively. The USA is undoubtedly a dominant country in defense industry which surpassed all the others in its total exports international.

Top Ten Largest Weapon Exporting Countries in the World

It is organism reported that around $1.5 trillion are spent every year on its production around the world with the United States been on top in overall production. The country outpaced all other arms suppliers by a significant margin and delivered major weapons to at slightest 96 states in the past five years while its biggest recipients were Saudi Arabia accounting for 9.7 percent of U.S guns exports and the UAE with 9.1 percent. Furthermore, this country has got a significantly higher number of clients than any other dealer, and its defense industry has large outstanding import orders including a total of 611 f-35 combat aircraft to 9 states. 27 percent increases its primary weapons exports between 2006–10 and 2011–15.

With a global export share of 25 percent Russia remained the second largest arms exporting country and got the primary client, India received 39 percent while China and Vietnam each received 11 percent. It delivers weapons to 50 states and primary weapons exports increased by 28 percent between 2006–10 and 2011–15. Chinese exports of primary weapons were just above those of France in 2011–15 growing by 
88 per cent compared to 2006–10. French exports decrease by 9.8 percent and German exports halved over the same period. From the recent rankings issued by a spire in FEB 2016, the nations with top arms exports in the world are listed below along with their statistics. The top 10 largest exporters of major weapons with their primary clients, 2011-15.

List of Top Ten Largest Weapon Exporting Countries in the World 2016

Rank Exporters 2011-15 2006-10 1st 2nd 3rd
1 USA 33 29 Saudi Arabia UAE Turkey
2 Russia 25 22 India China VietNam
3 China 5.9 3.6 Pakistan Bangladesh Myanmar
4 France 5.6 7.1 Morocco China Egypt
5 Germany 4.7 11 USA Israel Greece
6 UK 4.5 4.1 Saudi Arabia India Indonesia
7 Spain 3.5 2.6 Australia Saudi Arabia Turkey
8 Italy 2.7 2.1 UAE India Turkey
9 Ukraine 2.6 1.9 China Russia Ethiopia
10 Netherlands 2.0 3.0 Morocco Jordan USA

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