Top 10 Least Educated Countries in the World

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Today, education has become the basic human right as it can enable an individual to read and write that prepares people to make an educated and strong nation on the planet. The present world is turning into the scientific and more advanced that is impossible without the proper education and literate people. Thus, it has become a basic human right in a number of countries. A number of social organizations are working just to promote the educational level all through the world. Education and literacy rates have much importance and as a result a number of countries are paying their heed attention towards their education sector. However, still there are few nations where literacy rates are lowest as compared to the civilized and advanced countries of the world. In accordance to a survey , millions of children are not given the proper education even they are far away from the basic education which is essential for children. Following is the list of countries which are considered top 10 least educated in the world today.

List of Top 10 Least Educated Countries in the World

Rank Country Literacy Rate
1. Burkina Faso 21.8%
2. South Sudan 24.4%
3. Chad 25.7%
4. Niger 28.7%
5. Guinea 29.5%
6. Benin 34.7%
7. Sierra Leone 34.8%
8. Ethiopia 35.9%
9. Mozambique 38.7%
10. Senegal 39.3%

In accordance to a recent survey, more than two-third of female adults are illiterate in the world so it is proved that in the least developed, females have the major part in the illiterate people.

Did you know which is the least education country in the world today?

Ans : At present Burkina Faso is the least educated nation as compared to the other countries in the world. It is one of the most poorest countries in the world. It is positioned  in West Africa. It’s over GDP (Nominal) Per Capita is $602.

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