Nuclear Weapons by Country

Nuclear Weapons are the symbol power for the countries. These weapons are more dangerous than other weapons since these warheads have the potential to ruin the whole cities or may be the nations. Nuclear war can become a major cause of diseases, and worst affects not only for the living occupants, but it also affects the coming generations. The countries having nuclear weapons are not easy to be attacked by their enemies, so it has important for the countries to be a nuclear power.

When it comes to the Nuclear weapons by country, there are nine countries that collectively hold more than 15,000 nuclear weapons making them the strongest countries in the world. Russia and the United States have figured out more than 1800 of their nuclear weapons on the high-alert standing. These are ready to utilize within the seconds of threatening from their enemies. Out of these weapons mostly are much powerful than the atomic bomb that was dropped in Japan in 1945. A single warhead, if dropped on a city, can kill millions of the people with the worst effects enduring for the decades.

The defeat of the nuclear authorities to neutralize has boosted the risk that the other countries will obtain nuclear weapons. The only support for the range and utilization of these nuclear weapons is to kill them without any delay. Although a few leading nuclear power countries have declared their idea for a nuclear weapon free world, yet they have left to create any particular strategies to cancel their arsenals and are improving them. Below is the list of countries with the most nuclear weapons in the world according to 2015-2016 estimates.

Nuclear Weapons by Country – 2015-2016 Ranking List

9. North Korea

North Korea nuclear weapons

North Korea is officially recognized as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is a north Asian country that has a fledgling nuclear weapons program. It stands among the internationally powerful countries, but it has apparently less than ten warheads. Furthermore, it is not sure Whether North Korea can deliver them or not.

8. Israel

pakistan missile technology

Israel is a Middle Eastern country now positioned on the Mediterranean Sea. It was founded in 1948. It has 80 active warheads making it one of the nuclear powers in the world. It has a policy of uncertainty about its nuclear arsenal, neither approving nor rejecting its presence. As a result, there is limited public knowledge or debate about it.

7. Pakistan

Pakistan nuclear weapons

Pakistan is officially recognized as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan that was founded in 1947. It is one of most significant countries in the Islamic world since it has the third largest Muslim population on the planet. Pakistan is quickly improving its defense sector and today it stands among the countries having the largest armies in the world.It is quickly making the extraordinary advancements to its nuclear arsenal and connected infrastructure. Being one of the strongest countries, it has expanded its nuclear arsenal over the last few years. Currently, it has more than 100-120 active warheads.

6. India

India Nuclear Power

India is the second most populated country in the world and following China. It has the largest Hindu population in the world. It also focuses enough on its defense budget. It has formed the nuclear weapons in violation of Non-Proliferation responsibilities. Currently, it has 90-110 warheads but it is growing the size of its nuclear weapons in the coming few years.

5. China

China nuclear weapons

When it comes to the largest armies, China holds the first spot since it is the greatest and most populated country in the world. Currently, it has 250 active warheads that are much inadequate when these are matched with the United States and Russia. But still it holds the fifth spot on the list of nuclear weapons by country. Its warheads are easily deliverable by land, air and sea. A recent report has revealed that it is raising the number of its arsenal but at snail’s pace.

4. France

France nuclear weapons

With 300 active warheads, France holds the fourth spot in the largest nuclear countries. It also has a great military power and defense sector making it a powerful nation in Europe. Most of its nuclear weapons are deployed on the submarines outfitted with M51 and M45 missiles. One boat is on the patrol every time just for monitoring and to be used in an emergency. It also has some warheads that are deliverable by the aircraft.

3. United Kingdom

United Kingdom Nuclear weapons

It is mostly referred to U.K that maintains a fleet of four nuclear-armed submarines in the Scotland and each Submarine carries 16 Trident Missiles. It has 215 warheads. Furthermore, United Kingdom is increasing the size of its arsenal as well as analyzing whether to modernize its nuclear force or disable.

2. United States

United States Nuclear Weapons 2015

The United States is also widely popular as one of the strongest, richest, and popular countries in the world. It is the third-largest country by its population size. It is considered the largest nuclear weapons producer in the world. Furthermore, it is the only nation that has utilized its nuclear power in war. It is the country consuming most on its arsenal than all other countries in the world.

1. Russia

Russian Nuclear Weapons 2015

Russia is the largest country in the world by its area size. It is widely popular as one of the most powerful, richest and strongest countries in the world. With 7500 warheads, it is known as world’s largest nuclear power country in 2015-2016. It boasts of having the most nuclear weapons in the world. Furthermore, it is also investing a heavy budget to improve its warheads and their delivery system.

U.S Military Spending

List of Nuclear Warheads by Country 2015

Rank Country No.of Warheads
1. United States  7200
2. Russia  7500
3. United Kingdom  215
4. France  300
5. China  250
6. India  90-110
7. Pakistan  100-120
8. Israel  80
9. North Korea  <10
Total :

Source: Federation of American Scientists 2015

A Global Problem

Five European countries are hosting the U.S Nuclear Weapons on their land as a portion of a NATO nuclear sharing agreement, and around two dozen other countries claims to depend upon the U.S nuclear weapons for their protection. Besides there are many other countries having the nuclear power or investigation reactors that are proficient for being engaged for weapon creation.  A recent survey has predicted that the basic information of making a nuclear bomb has enabled many nations to be the nuclear powers within the coming few years.

List of Countries Hosting the Nuclear Weapons

Sr. No. Countries
1.  Germany
2. Belgium
3. Netherlands
4. Italy
5. Turkey

List of Countries in the Nuclear Alliances

Sr. No. Country
1. Australia
2. Albania
3. Bulgaria
4. Croatia
5. Canada
6. Czech
7. Denmark
8. Estonia
9. Greece
10. Hungary
11. Iceland
12. Japan
13. Luxembourg
14. Latvia
15. Lithuania


18. Portugal
19. Poland
20. Romania
21. Spain
22. Slovakia
23. South Korea
24. Slovenia


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