Top 10 Countries With Highest Literacy Rate in the World

Literacy is an ability which enables a person to read and write and the situation when a person is unable read and write is called illiterate person. Education is the most important thing for all the nations living in the world and it’s importance cannot be denied by anyone living in the world. Without education no one can survive in this age of technology and competition so it has got much importance all over the world.

Countries always try to increase their literacy rate to become the most educated nation. Literacy rate shows the educational position of a nation, Due to its importance all the countries are trying to promote their education sector. There are many nations having the lowest literacy rates and some countries have the top educational levels around the world. In accordance to an estimate, the advanced countries have over 90% literacy rate in their entire population. In this fastest growing advanced world, without educated individuals no country can survive into this era. It is a major factor which shows the civilization of that nation.

List of Top 10 Countries with the Highest Literacy Rates in the World

Rank Country Education
1. Canada 51%
2. Israel 46%
3. Japan 45%
4. United States 42%
5. New Zealand 41%
6. South Korea 40%
7. United Kingdom 38%
8. Finland 38%
9. Australia 38%
10. Ireland 37%


Conclusion:  Education is a key behind the success of nations so all the nations must have highest education because it is the major thing which can create a discrimination between well-educated and least educated nations around the globe.

Question of the Day

Q : Which country is most educated than other countries around the globe?
Ans : At present Canada is considered the most educated nation all over the world and according to an estimate its literacy rate is calculated 51% which make it the most educated nation. It has a very good economy and the numerous institutes are located in Canada which are considered the famous institutes of the world for quality education.


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