Top 10 Countries with Highest Crime Rates

The term crime can be defined as the act that is legally prohibited by the law or human rights associations. It is harmful not only for a single individual but also for the humanity and all the belongings to it. Crime has become the major problem of present world for which numerous countries have created strict laws just to stop and decrease the crime rates in the countryside.

Sometimes the authorities who are designated to control and stop the crimes are not successful in their mission, and the criminals harm people with the illegal powers and sources. So many countries have prepared Special Forces to fight against the criminals, and these Forces are given the most difficult training just to make them strong. It help these forces fight with the criminals and decrease the crime rate. Today, there are several types of crimes happening in the world which are clearly shown in the below image.

World Crime Rates at a Glance

World Crime Rates at a Glance

What Country has the Highest Crime Rate in the World?

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Today, the United States of America is reported to have the highest Crime Rates in the world. European and American countries are more dangerous and have highest number of offenses as compared to the other countries in the world. Although Asian countries have not the strong economies as compared to the American and European Countries, yet the Asian countries are least harmful and criminal.


In spite of all the measures, the crime rate is increasing at a dangerous level. Following is a list of Top 10 Countries with Highest Crime Rates in the World as per 2015 estimates.

Crime Rates by Country 2015

Rank Country Crime Index
1. United States 11.88 million
2. United Kingdom 6.52 million
3. Germany

Group of 7 countries (G7) average

  • 6.51 million
  • 5.18 million
4. France 3.77 million
5. Russia 2.95 million
6. Japan 2.85 million
7.  South Africa 2.68 million
8. Canada 2.52 million
9. Italy 2.23 million
10. India 1.76 million

Overall Crime Rate Statistics from 1992-2011

Top 10 Countries with highest crime rate in the world, top 10 highest reported crime rate countries

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