Top 10 Apricot Producing Countries in the World

Apricot is one of the most famous and popular fruits in the world because it contains a reasonable quantity of Iron that is much essential for the human health. So due to its health benefits, it is liked and consumed in the highest quantity. It contains much ingredients that are very good for the human health along with a number of multi nutrients. So it is not used only for its good taste, but also used for its health benefits. It is grown all over the world, but there is a difference between the production size of different countries. Below is the list of top  10 apricot producing countries in the world  that are famous for highest apricot production worldwide.

List of Top 10 Apricot Producing Countries in the world

Rank Country Apricot Production
1. Turkey 716,415
2. Iran 487,333
3. Pakistan 325,779
4. Uzbekistan 265,000
5. Italy 205,493
6. Algeria 172,409
7. Japan 120,600
8. Morocco 113,216
9. Egypt 106,165
10. Spain 103,400

Did you know What Country Produces the Most Apricots in the world?

Ans : At present Turkey is the largest Apricot producing country in the world with annual production of 716,415 tones which make it the first country in this ranking list.

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