Which Country has the Lowest Currency Value in the World

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In ancient days people used the barter system for their dealings for goods and services but that people wanted to have a newest trend for the payment method, later on money units were introduced in the world. All the countries have diverse rates and values than others which are calculated from the purchasing power of one single unit of a particular currency.In this article we are going to discuss the least valued currency of world. The currency which has the lowest purchasing power than other currencies used around the globe is called the least valued currency.

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Q : What is the lowest currency in the world and from what country it belongs?

Ans : In 2009, Zimbabwean Dollar was suspended from the ranking list of most cheapest currencies.And Present Iran has the lowest and cheap valued currency which is known as Iranian Rial in the world. according to 2013 estimates 1USD=24,815.6 IRR.

Cheapest Currency, lowest currency,which country has the lowest currency rate in the world

Iran is officially recognized as Islamic Republic of Iran It is located in Asia continent, Tehran is the capital and the largest city of Iran it is covering the total area of 1,648,195 square kilo meters. According to 2013 estimates its population was about 77,176,930. Iran has millions of natural reserves. Therefore it is given the fifth rank in the countries which are famous for their largest natural resources in the world. Iran has one of the largest armies in the world.It’s per capita GDP in accordance to 2012 estimates is $12,986. Islam is the major religion in Iran and it is the seventh largest country with largest Muslim population.

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