Which Countries Have the Most Catholic Christians in the World

Which Countries Have the Most Catholic Christians in the World

If you are looking for the the answer of Which Countries Have the Most Catholic Christians in the World then let me show you the brief description of all the Catholic living countries in the below paragraphs.

In this topic you will get the following mostly asked question’s answers:

  • Which Country has the most Catholics in the World?
  • Which Countries have the most Catholics in the World
  • Which Country has the most percentage of Catholics?
  • How many Catholic Population in US?
  • What is the largest Catholic country in the world?

If we will talk about which country has most Catholics then Brazil will definitely come on the top. On the second no, the Philippines and the DR Congo will come. Catholicism denominated as the largest organization in the world. The Catholic Church has the political and social influence in the world.

Now we are going to discuss the no of Catholics in the respective countries.

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Catholics Population in Brazil

Almost 9.94 % population of Brazil belongs to the Catholic religion. This is the largest percentage of the Catholics living in any country. It is estimated that the population of Catholics in Brazil is 124,598,485 while the total population of the country is 204,259,812. Almost 61% people in the country are Roman Catholics.

The prevalence of Roman Catholics is because of European settlers in the country in the 19 century. However, the Catholic Church in Brazil remained entangled with their social or political life. Some politicians give more power to this Catholic Church. In World War 2 this church was harmed by the opposite political parties but it was rebuilt by some African people. Now all the festivals in Brazil are stand on Catholic doctrines.

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Catholics Population in Mexico

Almost 7.86% population of Mexico belongs to the Catholicism across the globe. The Spanish occupations started in 1519 which obliterate the indigenous temples of pagan Indians and offer salvation to them. The people who resisted are skinned by the Virgin of Guadalupe. It is said that thousands of Catholic pilgrims are attracted annually by the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe. In modern Mexico, this figure is considered a national symbol. The church in Mexico is of great significant importance especially in case of independence.

The Philippines Catholic  Population Percentage

Of all global Catholics, almost 6.56% people in Philippine belong to Catholicism. Almost the population Catholic believer in the country is 82,212,678 while the total population is 100,998,376. Due to lack of completions from other religions, Catholicism started to spread rapidly in the Philippines during Spanish colonization. In the modern-day Philippines, the church and state are slightly separated due to some issues between priest and the nation. Saints’ day is celebrated in the country mainly while some of the other festivals are also celebrated.

The United States of America

The total population in the United States is 321,368,864 while the followers of Catholic Church are 66,884,724 in the US. So, the number of global Catholics accounts 5.33% in the country. This is almost equal to the 20.8% of the total population. The church in the US is slightly separated from the state. Recently, on the affairs of Catholic Church, strict control has been placed on the issues of sexual and negligence allegations.

List of countries with large Catholic population

Almost 4.09% population of Italy belongs to Catholicism, while in France is 3.16, in Colombia is 2.80%, in Spain and Poland is 2.67% and in Argentina is 2.46%

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