When and How Valentines day Started ?

When and How Valentines day Started ?

When and How Valentines day Started?  Valentine’s Day is a world’s recognized day that is celebrated by lovers across the world on 14th Feb of every year. So, a kind of loving and affectionate day observed all around the corner of the world. The day is not associated with lovers or romantic couples but for the people of any age and relationship is bonded with that day.  Everyone start waiting for Valentine’s Day from the start of the February. Lovers and couples are always in a hurry in that season to buy a unique and romantic and loving gift for each other. So here are the few common questions that many of the people asked. so here i am listing few more questions instead of When and How Valentines day Started ?

Valentines day

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1-   When is Valentines Day?

Valentine day is celebrated on 14th February of every year. A lover’s day also known as Saint Valentine’s Day observed on 14th February. But there is not any public holiday observed in any of the country that are celebrating Valentine Day.

2-   What is there to do for Valentines Day?

Yup, that is a ridiculous question that I observe many of the people asked lol, I believe that question is asked by those people who are not familiar or not much know about Valentine’s Day. But let me guess one more thing maybe they never dig their selves in love in life. Instead, if you love anyone in any time of your life you will never ask such questions :).

Hold on, I am also answering this question, if you are newly bonded in love then that question is genuine. The spending all day with your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend is not less than a blessing. So, there are plenty of things to do to feel yourself complete and happy. You can go for a romantic place a kind of park or hotel or a coffee bar. Many of the awesome places are available that you need to look around your surroundings to get far away from the public to hold hands and promise to love each other for all life till last breath. You may also like to read the most beautiful capitals in the world.

3-   Why do we celebrate Valentines Day?

Another common question that we observe in our daily life is why do we celebrate Valentine’s day. The day is totally considered as a loving day and caring day for the beloved ones.

4-   Valentine’s Day destinations in the USA?

So, It’s a hard to think where to spend Valentine’s day in the USA. Well, there are plenty of romantic and peaceful locations where the valentine day can be celebrated. Plenty of the romantic and naturally beautiful points are located across all the states of US. So, I guess there are more than thousands of destinations can be chosen to spend valentine day with the beloved one. Let me show you the most romantic destinations to visit in the USA for valentine day celebration. Here it’s the link below, have a look into it.
Top 10 romantic destinations to visit in USA

5-   Valentines Day recipes?

Cookies, Cupcakes, Pizza, Cheesecake

If you are spending your valentine’s day at home or thinking about a great lunch or supper so, hard to think what should be cooked? Hmm most of the time the people used to eat the sweet and light food like Cookies, Cupcakes. But the lunch or supper at a hotel or restaurant is also found common on Valentine’s Day. So, whatever you like whatever you feel good will work 😉

“I throw my hands up in the air sometimes,

Saying aye oh, gotta let go

I wanna celebrate and live my life, ”

So here I am listing down the hottest and favorite recipes of Valentine’s Day.

  • Blue Cheese
  • Crusted Filet
  • Mignon with Port Wine Sauce
  • Valentine Night Strawberries
  • Chocolate Truffle Cookies
  • Smothered Filet Mignon
  • The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes

6-   Gift for Wife? Vs Gift for Husband?

Valentines day

Gifts are the most common and beautiful part of the Valentine’s Day. This is the very first part of  Valentines Day when you are going to celebrate it. Being a husband it’s a kind of duty to buy a decent and a very romantic gift for the wife. You have number of choices each time every year, whatever you choose must reflect your wife thinking and choice. So you know your wife exactly the way she likes the things and stuff, buy something special and unique that she never forget. If you are wife, and thinking about purchasing a gift for the husband the same rules applied to you as on your husband.

7-   Gift for Girlfriend vs. Gift for Boyfriend?

Valentines day

Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Date is always in a romantic environment that make your day fill with crazy memory. So gifting is always a precious memory that will last forever. Gifts bring you much closer and will help you bonding more strongly. In this case, the Valentine’s Day is always a moment when girlfriend/boyfriend must consider to represent something surprising to each other. For gift ideas. I should say you must choose something that will make her/him out of this world. Romantic and pretty gifts that are not much expensive will also work if you just know how to read the mind I meant the likeness of your girlfriend/boyfriend.

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