What Happened With Google Fiber?

What Happened With Google Fiber?

What Happened With Google Fiber


Do you know What Happened With Google Fiber? No doubt Google Fiber is the best internet provider, especially in US. Google Fiber not only providing the excellent speed of internet but it also cost a lot. Even the company have to fire and move some staff of Google Fiber to reduce the expenses. As the time passes the Google Fiber going to burden on the company that is why company have to take some bad decision. They have to fire some stuff and they may even fire some more staff. They changed the CEO of Google Fiber and now Greg McCray is the new CEO.

Company ordered to the new CEO, he has to reduce the cost of Google fiber so that they can easily expand them. As the area is wider more cost would be spent to spread the wires. The company even trying to move towards the wireless technology by providing same or even better quality internet in future. Company announces in 2016 our upcoming technology will be wireless which will be deployed in Los Angeles and Dalla. But still there is a need of wire is present underground, but the cost will be reduced a lot. They are using a micro-trenching technique to deploy cables.

A statement by Google person:

“Google Fiber remains committed to our customers and cities. We want to bring Google Fiber to customers faster, so we’re focused on making deployment more efficient and less intrusive. We’re thrilled that Greg has agreed to join as CEO, to drive this innovation and to grow the business.”



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