What Countries Were Involved in the World War 1

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Mostly in this world people think that the war is not the batter solution for any kind of dispute, violence and misunderstanding. If we take a look on the history of this word when the war is being started, there were number of causes from which the brutality and the economic disasters were major causes that were going through the countries to countries. A number of the battles have been fought in the history of this world but the World War 1 is of the most hazardous wars that have been fought in this universe. In this historical war starting on 28th July, 1914 and ended on 11th November , 1918 many of the nations have fought and about 9 million soldiers and around 7 million civilians have died during this great and long lasting battle.

Major causes of the World War 1

The World War 1 is consisted on the number of reasons such as hostility, discrimination and conflicts that lead the world to start this war and in this war imperialism, nationalism, alliance, and militarism also took the part to this great global War. The battle triggered is directly press when Austrian archduke, Franz Ferdiand and his wife were killed. Following are the major causes which were directly involved to start this great battle.


It is the policy which is expanding the country’s power and acquiring new lands or countries by force. The main reason for acquiring the new lands or countries is the extension of their own markets. It was one of the major causes that started the World War 1.


It is the situation when a country wants to maintain a strongest and most defending military strength.It was also the one of the major factors for starting this great battle around the globe because European and other nations stared arms race. The number of French and German soldiers doubled between 1870—1914 and there is very great competition in Britain and Germans. When British launch its battleship name “Dreadnought” in 1906 the Germans followed and introduced their own battle ship.


It is a mutual agreement that is made between more than two nations  to help in the time of difficulty or when other country needed the most. When more than two nations sign an agreement these are called allies. Before the world war1 many alliance are singed between 1879—1914 which is also a reasons for the World War 1. Following are the major alliances before the world war1.

Question of the Day

Do you know what countries were involved in World War 1?

Ans : Although the World War 1 was fought between number of nations around the world which damaged the economy and lifestyle of the world yet there were some countries playing the greatest role in this great war. Following is the list of both the countries from the Victor side and the Opposition Side.

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List of Countries from the Victor Side that fought in the world war 1

Country Capital
1. France flag  France  Paris
2. Montenegro flag  Montenegro  Podgorica
3. Wheat Production by country-top 5 wheat producers in the world  United States  Washington, D.C.
4. Wheat Production by country-top 5 wheat producers in the world  Russian Empire  Saint Petersburg , Moscow
5. Highest Obesity Rates, United States Obesity statistics  British Empire  London
6. Italy flag  Italy  Rome
7. Romania  Romania  Bucharest
8. Top 10 Countries with lowest infant mortality rates in the world  Japan  Tokyo
9. Portugal flag  Portugal  Lisbon
10. Greece flag  Greece  Athens
11. serbia  Serbia  Belgrade
12. Belgium  Belgium  City of Brussels


weapons used in the world war 1

List of Countries from the Opposition Side that  fought in the world war 1

Country Capital
1. Ottoman Empire  Ottoman Empire Söğüt, Bursa,
2. Austria-Hungary  Austria-Hungary Vienna, Budapest
3. German Empire  German Empire Berlin

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In this great and long lasting battle, different countries who taken part in this battle lost thousands of their soldiers and civilians who were fighting in this war. But the Russian Empire had the highest number of deaths during the WW1 .  Following is a chart showing the military deaths of different countries.



Summery of the WW1 Military Deaths by Country in Percentage


Military Deaths by Country in the world war 1

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