What Countries Use the Euro For Currency

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Euro Currency

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After the United States Dollar (USD), the Euro is the second largest and most traded currency in the world having more than €943 billion in circulation. Due to the highest combined value of banknotes and coins, the Euro has a great role throughout the world and as the result; it is the second most used currency in the world. In 2008, international monetary fund conducted a survey in which the GDP and purchasing power of different currencies were analyzed, and after this survey, the Eurozone was concluded as the second largest economy around the world.

History of the Euro Currency

The provisions in 1992 Maastricht Treaty established the Euro currency.  For the participation in the currency, the member states are meant to meet the strict criteria like the deficit budget of less than 3% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) , a debt ratio of less than 60% of GDP  and the Interest close to the EU average. The name euro was officially adopted in Madrid on 16 December 1995.

Euro Notes, euro currency

Today, the Euro is one the leading and strongest currencies around the world used by more than 334 million Europeans.  Following is a list of countries using the euro as their currency.



List of Countries Using the Euro Currency


Serial No. Country Capital
1. andorra flag  Andorra Andorra la Vella
2. Austria flag  Austria Vienna
3. Belgium  Belgium City of Brussels
4. Cyprus flag  Cyprus Nicosia
5. Estonia flag  Estonia Tallinn
6. Finland flag  Finland Helsinki
7. France flag  France Paris
8. Germany flag  Germany Berlin
9. Greece flag  Greece Athens
10. Ireland flag  Ireland Dublin
11. Italy flag  Italy Rome
12. Kosovo flag  Kosovo Pristina
13. Luxembourg flag  Luxembourg Luxembourg City
14. Malta flag  Malta Valletta
15. Monaco flag  Monaco Monaco
16. Montenegro flag  Montenegro Podgorica
17. Netherlands flag  Netherlands Amsterdam
18. Portugal flag  Portugal Lisbon
19. San Marino flag  San Marino City of San Marino
20. Slovakia flag  Slovakia Bratislava
21. Slovenia flag  Slovenia Ljubljana
22. Spain flag  Spain Madrid
23. Vatican City flag  Vatican City Vatican City


[box type=”tick” style=”rounded”]In the few coming years, Latvia and Lithuania are expected to be the part of Eurozone. Although Andorra, Kosovo, Montenegro, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican city are not the EU member yet these are using Euro as their official currency.[/box]

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