What countries border UK

What countries border UK

Mainly the United Kingdom consists on England , Scotland, Wales and some area of the Northern Ireland.
United Kingdom once ruled over the world and still one of the world’s major countries. Undoubtedly, UK is playing a vital role in the world’s stability and peace. The Britain is sharing it’s borders many of the European countries.

Map of countries bordering UK

UK border countries map image

UK is situated on the northern coast of France linked through Channel Tunnel. Also the Great Britain sharing the borders to Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Norway.

Amazing facts about the UK

  • Ben Nevis is the highest peak in the Great Britain having the height of almost 4409 ft situated in the range of Grampian Mountain.
  • The longest river in the United Kingdom is River Severn while in England its Thames River. Both rivers are giving excited sightseeing to the public.
  • The major financial and political city London has a great importance in Great Britain and across the world. It is a major hub for all the Great Britain countries.

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