What Countries Border Germany List

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Germany is officially recognized as the Federal Republic of Germany which is one of the most populated countries in Europe continent. It consists of 16 states from which Berlin is the capital as well as the largest city. Having more than 80,585,700 inhabitants it is considered the second most cultivated European country. So it is considered one of the most popular and strongest nations in the European Union. If we talking about its geography then we must know what countries border Germany on the map. For this purpose we have prepared a report including all the information about Germany such as its geography, its economy, its population and some interesting facts about Germany which are not in the knowledge every person So you will appreciate our effort after reading this article.

Geography of Germany At a glance

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Germany is located in the Europe continent and bordering the Baltic Sea as well as the North Sea between the Poland and Netherlands. It is covering the area of 357,021 sq km and 2.416% water. Its coastline has the length of 2389 km.

[box type=”tick” style=”rounded”]Germany is bordered by the 9 different countries of the world having the different size of boundaries. Along with the border length these countries are mentioned below in the table.[/box]

List of the Countries That Border Germany on the Map

Sr. No. Country Capital Border Length
1. Austria flag  Austria Vienna 784
2. top ten soccer countries in the world, which country is the best at soccer, top soccer countries,soccer countries rankings,soccer countries of the world,soccer countries standings  Belgium City of Brussels 167
3. Czech Republic  Czech Republic Prague 646
4. Denmark   Denmark Copenhagen 68
5. Top 10 Countries with lowest infant mortality rates in the world  France Paris 451
6. Highest Obesity Rates, United States Obesity statistics  Luxembourg Luxembourg city 138
7. top ten soccer countries in the world, which country is the best at soccer, top soccer countries,soccer countries rankings,soccer countries of the world,soccer countries standings  Netherlands Amsterdam 577
8. Poland  Poland Warsaw 456
9. switzerland flag   Switzerland Bern 334


German economy at a glance

Germany has a good economy, according to a recent survey conducted in 2013; Germany has $39,468 Per Capita GDP making it the fourth largest economy of the world by nominal estimates and the 5th strongest economy by means of purchasing power parity. Following is a German economy statistics report which is indicating its economy at a glance further more a forecasting report of German economy for the year of 2014 is also mentioned in the below image.

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Some Interesting facts about Germany

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  • German people are considered to be the largest beer consumers around the world with annual consumption of 107 liters per capita.

  • In 2006, a German prince Albert II Von Thurn und Taxis was ranked as the youngest billionaire of the world and he belongs to this country so Germany has the honor to have the youngest billionaire in the world.

  • German people are considered to be the biggest avid recyclers and according to BBC report, German people had the third highest recycling rate in the world.

  • The European central Bank is located in the Frankfurt-am-Main which is the part of Germany.

  • Europe’s largest train station was formed in Berlin which is the capital of Germany so this is also an honorable fact for this nation.

  • Germany is given the 10th rank for having the largest number of Facebook users in the world.

  • German People are using the highest number of mobile phones therefore it is given the ninth rank for having most mobile phones per capita.

  • It is considered the seventh most beautiful country to visit in the world for the tourism.

  • It is considered the second most criminal country in the world.

  • It is considered to be the third largest country with most YouTube Viewers in the world.

  • It is given the 10th rank for having the most  Twitter Users in the world.

  • Its Foot ball team has the second rank for its good performance according to 2013 estimates.

  • It is the Third largest producer of Wind Energy in the world.

  • It is the sixth country which is earning most from its tourism sector.

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