What Countries are Communist Now

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What is Communism meaning?

Different countries have different systems of their government, some nations are known as democratic countries, some have dictatorship while on the other hand some countries have the communism system of government. “Communism is a political system same like the democracy or the dictatorship. The main point of this theory is the equality, means everyone is equal.” There are several countries which are considered communist countries in the world. During the reign of Soviet Union, there were many communist countries throughout Asia, Africa and the Eastern Europe. In the 12th century Angola, Albania, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Benin, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia , Hungry and many other countries were considered the communist countries in the world. But what countries are communist today is the main question. Following is a list of top five countries which are considered to be the communist countries today.

A summarized List of  Current Communist Countries in the World

Rank Country Capital
1. china flag  China Beijing
2. Cuba Flag   Cuba Havana
3. Laos Flag  Laos Vientiane
4. North Korea Flag  North Korea Pyongyang
5. Vietnam Flag  Vietnam Hanoi



china flag hd
China is the largest and most populated country in the world, it is considered to be the most communist country in the world, During 1949 Mao Zedong took the control of China and it was given the official name of People’s Republic of China and it became a communist country in the world. China is also known as Red China for being controlled by a strong communism party.

2. Cuba

Cuba Flag HD
Cuba is officially recognized as Republic of Cuba which is an island country located in the North America. Havana is the capital as well as the largest city of Cuba. It is covering the total area of 109884 sq km. More than 11,167,325 inhabitants are living in this country which became a wholly communist country in the world during 1961.

3. Laos

Laos Flag HD
Laos is an Asian country which is officially recognized as Lao People’s Democratic Republic .It is a landlocked nation which is covering the total area of 236,800 sq km. currently it is given the third rank in the list of current communist countries in the world. It became a communist country in 1975 after following a revolution supported by the Soviet Union as well as Vietnam.

4. North Korea

North Korea Flag HD
North Korea is also an Asian Country which is officially recognized as Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is covering the total area of 120,540 sq km. Pyongyang is the capital and largest city of North Korea. In the World War II, it was captured by Japan. Till the end of 1948, North Korea Couldn’t become a communist country but currently is the one of the communist countries in the world.

5. Vietnam

Vietnam Flag Hd
Vietnam is also an Asian Country which is officially recognized as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Hanoi is the capital while Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city of Vietnam. Total area of this nation is 331,210 square kilo meters. After the partition of Vietnam which was supposed to be a short-term separation, the North Vietnam became the communist but South Vietnam became a democratic country.After two decades, in 1676 Vietnam was unified and it became a communist nation in the world.

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