United States Profile, Geography, Population, Statistics (2018)

United States Profile, Geography, Population, Statistics

These stats are created by the editors of the annual calendar from many data sources. Most of the figures are approximate. Look into the details of the United States Profile, Geography, Population, Statistics and much more.

Find facts about the United States, including number of states and territories, total area, highest and lowest points, its geographic center, and more.

U.S Geography:
Number of states: 50
Territories: 14
Area (2014): total: 3,678,190 sq mi (9,526,468 sq km), land only: 3,537,444 sq mi (9,161,966 sq km), water: 256,646 sq mi (664,709 sq km). Share of world land area: 6.76%
Northernmost point: Point Barrow, Alaska
Easternmost point: West Quoddy Head, Maine
Southernmost point: Ka Lae (South Cape), Hawaii
Westernmost point: Cape Wrangell, Alaska1
Geographic center (50 states): in Butte County, S.D.
(44′ 58′ N. lat., 103′ 46′ W. long.)
Highest point: Mt. McKinley, Alaska (20,236 ft)
Lowest point: Death Valley, Calif. (282 ft below sea level)
. The extreme points are measured from the geographic center of the United States (incl. Alaska and Hawaii), west of Castle Rock, S.D., 44° 58′ N. lat., 103° 46′ W. long

Number of Population in USA 2018

According to the US Census Bureau’s population clock, the estimated 2017 United States population (December 2017) is nearly 326.5 million.
Here is the exact figure of the no. of population of the U.S in 2017,
U.S is now the 3rd largest country around the world by population falling behind the China and India that are no. 1 and 2 respectively.

Which is the most populous state and City of U.S ?

The most populous state of the U.S is California with 39.5 million population figure. Similarly, the most populous city of U.S is New York having 8.5 million population according to 2017 US Census.

United States Statistics

Below are the important statistics of the U.S,
Find the vital statistics of the United States, including American life expectancy, the number of births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and more.

Births (2013): 3,957,577 (13.42 per 1,000 pop.)
Deaths (2011): 2,512,873 (8.15 per 1,000 pop.)
Marriages (2011): 2,118,000 (6.8 per 1,000 pop.)
Divorces (2011): 3.6 per 1,000 pop.1
Infant mortality rate (2014): 6.17 per 1,000 live births
Legal abortions (2011): 1.06 million
Life expectancy (2014): Total U.S., both sexes, 79.56; total men, 77.11; total women, 81.94; white men, 75.3; white women, 80.5; black men, 71.6; black women, 77.8

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