Top 10 Countries Earning Most from Tourism in the World

At present, no one can survive without hard work and effort because this is the age of competition so people must have to work if they want to get progress in the world. A person cannot perform well without mental refreshment. So, the there is a need to make people refresh. Tourism is one of the main sources of entertainment for people who want to spend their leisure time to enjoy their life. The term tourism is used for a journey or travel with numerous objectives such as just to spent leisure time, business purpose, entertainment, or education purpose. The time from 2008 to 2009 was reported as the worst time for tourism sector. It got much popularity around the globe because it has direct effect on the social, cultural, economic and educational sectors of the countries. Today we are going to list the Top 10 Countries Earning Most from Tourism in the World as per recent facts and figures.

It has deep effects on the inhabitants of a nation. There are number of Countries that are earning most from the tourists. So, it has become most important and major source of income for those countries. These countries are paying their heed attention towards their tourists attractions just to promote it and earn the maximum amounts from the tourists.

There are a large number of people having the greatest craze to travel about the world and explore their people they are called Tourists. No matter the beautiful places has much importance and attractions for the tourists. Mostly the historical, cultural, most beautiful places are well appreciated by the persons who want to visit and enjoy. There are different countries having some unique places that are considered their God-given gifts because these places are their assets. The World Tourism Organization prepared a report and listed the Top 10 Countries Earning Most from their Tourism sector.

List of The Top 10 Countries Earning Most From Tourism Sector

Rank Countries International Tourism Receipts
(Billion Dollars)
1. United States $116.3
2. Spain $59.9
3. France $53.8
4. China $48.5
5. Italy $43.0
6. Germany $38.8
7. United Kingdom $35.9
8. Australia $31.4
9. Macao $27.8
10. Hong $27.2

Did you know Which Country is Earning Most From Tourism in the World?

Ans :  At present United States of America has the largest Tourism industry in the world. It Is earning most from tourism through its various beautiful cities, historical landmarks, natural wonders and some entertainment places.

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