Top 5 Tea Producing Countries in the World

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Tea is one of the trendy and inexpensive beverages around the globe which is not so tricky to made and don’t requires a large amount of time for its preparation. It is used and liked by all the people having different ages. Either a person is rich or poor all the levels and societies are using it according to their requirements.In accordance to a recent survey about the its consumption a report was prepared which reported more than 3 billion cups are daily consumed in the world which shows its popularity all over the world. It has a major part in the global beverage markets due to its highest consumption rate around the diverse countries of the world. There are several countries which are producing tea at uppermost quantity. An enormous variety of tea is produced in Asian countries. Furthermore Africa and North America are also the largest producers.

Global tea consumption rate has increased by 3% which brought its output more than 3.6 million tones till the end of 2006.Here several questions are arising like which country produces the most tea and What is the largest producer, so all these questions can be answered through the following list of top five tea producing countries in the world.


List of Top 5 Biggest Tea producers around the Globe


Rank Country Production
(Metric Tonnes)
% of World’s
Entire Output
1. countries producing most gold,gold producing countries,gold production by country,largest gold producing country,biggest gold producer in the world  China 1,640,310 35.13%
2. Top 10 Countries with highest HIV AIDS rates in the world, HIV AIDS  India 966,733 20.70%
3. Top 5 Tea producers in the world  Kenya 377,912 8.09%
4. Top 5 Tea producers in the world  Sri Lanka 327,500 7.01%
5. Top 5 Tea producers in the world  Turkey 221,600 4.74%


Question of the day

Q : Which is the largest producer of Tea in the world?
Ans : At present China is the country which is the largest producer of Tea in the world. Its annual output is more than 1,640,310 metric tonnes making it the top listed country for annual tea production.

More About China

China flag

China is the most populated country in the world, Shanghai and Beijing are the top largest cities in the world by their population size.

China has the largest army in the world which is called People’s Liberation Army.

China has the largest number of mobile phones in the world. And it is the country having most mobile phones in the world than all other countries around the globe.

China is the fourth largest country having most nuclear weapons .


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