Top 5 Countries with Higest Life Expectancy Rates in the world

Life Expectancy, Top 5 countries with highest life expectancy rates in the world


The Word life expectancy refers to the number of years a person expects to live if the mortality rate of the country remains constant and it is considered the most important measure of health which shows the expected age of an individual.Different countries have different rates, according to a recent survey it is concluded that majority of African nations have lowest expected number of years for their lives if compared to the other countries of the world.

The healthy and strongest nations live long while on the other hand poor and non-healthy nations have the highest mortality rates in the world. In this article we are going to discuss the top five countries having the highest rates around the globe. Male and female has different rates in their expected life. Good health care and diseases are different but are considered the major factors affected on the life expectancy rate.


List of Top 5 Countries with the Highest Life  Expectancy Rates in the world

Rank Country Expected life
1. Top countries with highest mortality rate  Japan 82.7
2. Top countries with highest mortality rate  Switzerland 82.2
3. Top countries with highest mortality rate  Australia 81.5
4. Top countries with highest mortality rate  Italy 81.5
5. Top 5 countries with highest mortality rate  Sweden 81.4

 Question of the Day

Q: What Country has the highest Life Expectancy Rate in the world?

Ans : At present Japan is the top rated country having the highest number of expected life years for its inhabitants as compared to the other nations living on the earth.

More About Japan

Japan has a very good education sector in the world and japan is the third largest country by literacy rates in the world,  information is given in my other article highest literacy rates in the world by country ranking list.

Japan is one of the advanced countries in the world in science and technology, Mobile phone is widely used telecommunication device and japan is given the 8th rank in the mobile technology usage.

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