Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World

Rice is the most widely consumed staple food as compared to the other eatable commodities in the world that is used by the largest proportion of world’s overall population. Major part of its production is used in the Asian Countries because its consumption rate is reported highest in Asia Continent. It is the second highest used maze crop in the world. It was introduced to the European countries by Western Asia. There are abundant varieties of rice with diverse qualities and popularity. Asia is considered the homeland for the maximum varieties of this staple food. Asia produces more varieties than other cultivators around the globe. Basmati, Sticky and Jasmine are the most famous and widely consumed types of rice in the world. Did you know which country produces most rice in the world? Here is the list of Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World as per latest facts and figures.

Rice Cultivation

Two things are considered most important during its cultivation; the first one is highest rain fall, while the second thing is low labor cost. This is why because it is labor intensive and requires a huge quantity of water for the highest output. The most ordinary method for its cultivation is flooding the areas after seeding . There are a large number of countries with heavy amount of its output.  In this article we have listed the top 10 largest producers of rice in the world. Below is the list of rice production by country.

List of Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Annual Production
(1000 Metric Ton)
1. China 143000
2. India 99000
3. Indonesia 36900
4. Bangladesh 33800
5. Vietnam 27100
6. Thailand 20500
7. Philippines 11000
8. Myanmar 10750
9. Brazil 7820
10. Japan 7500

Note : All Annual Yields are given in one thousand metric ton.

Did you know Which is the largest producer and the largest exporter of rice in the world ?

Best Answer : This crop is cultivated almost all over the world, but China is the Largest Rice producing Country around the globe. It has 33% share in the world’s overall rice production.


Thailand is the largest Rice exporting country around the globe. Due to the highest consumption, its largest output is exported over the other countries, following image shows a report of Rice Exporting Countries and their annual exports are given in the image.This image indicates the Thailand with highest exports in the world.

Top 10 largest producers of rice in the world

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