Top 10 European Countries by Highest Population

By convention, Europe is the well-known continent of the world that is normally separated from Asia by the watershed divide of the most famous Ural and the Caucasus Mountains located in the Europe, the Ural River, Black Seas ,Caspian and also the watered ways which are connecting the black and Aegean Sea. As per different facts and figures about the European population within the geological precincts was calculated 731 million in 2007 which was more than 11% of the world’s entire population. Here a question arises that which country has the highest rate of inhabitants in Europe and which country has a low population. So here in this article, we made an effort that would be much fruitful for your awareness about the world population statistics. We have listed the top 10 European countries by highest population size. It includes the countries where the major proportion of residents lives in Europe. As a result Russia is also included in the following ranking list.

List of Top 10 European Countries by Highest Population

Rank Country or
Dependent Territory
Average Absolute
Annual Growth
1.   Russia 14,35,000,00 221,000
2.   Germany 80,640,000 196,000
3.   United Kingdom 64,231,000 465,000
4.   France 63,820,000 30,9000
5.   Italy 59,789,000  2,06,000
6.   Spain 46,958,000  -2,05,000
7.   Ukraine 45,461,000  -2,36000
8.   Poland 38,548,000  29,000
9.   Romania 19,858,000  -1,55,000
10.   Netherlands 16,795,000  55,000

Did you know which is the most populated country in Europe Continent?

Russia has the highest population as compared to the other European Countries. It has 14,34,55,000 population and 221,000 annual absolute growth.

Top 10 European Countries by Highest Population, List of Top 10 European Countries With Largest population in the World, Russian Flag

Russia General Information

Russia is officially known as Russian Federation covering the land area of 17,098,242 square km.It is also ranked as the largest country in the world by area size. . Moscow is the capital and largest city. Its official language is Russian. It economy is also very strong. According to the 2012 estimates its Total GDP (PPP) was calculated $3.380 trillion while it’s Per Capita GDP was calculated $23,549. Russian Ruble is the official Currency.

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