Top 10 drug addicted countries in the world with most drug use

Most of us use a few drugs in our daily life as we do not know about it. Caffeine, in our tea, coffee and most of the carbonated drinks. And in non-Muslim countries, even in most of the Muslim countries alcohol and nicotine are widely used. Humans are greater consumers of these types of mind altering substances. It is estimated that about 120,000 tons of caffeine are consumed worldwide each year. Many of the people in countries use it habitually. Usually, the consumption of these drugs remains relatively unproblematic. However, there is also a darker side of the use of these drugs, as the excess of anything can be dangerous. The best of the known drugs in the world are methamphetamines and heroine. In the year 2012, it is researched that there are 230 million peoples is the drug users in the whole world. Here are Top 10 drug addicted countries in the world with most drug use:

Top 10 drug addicted countries in the world with most drug use

Top 10 drug addicted countries

10. Mexico:

Meth addiction is one of the leading drug addiction problems in the Mexico. The country is also a major exporter of the various drugs. The use of methamphetamines having increased in the years 2010 and 2011. Mexico is the powerhouse in terms of meth production and a number of drug addicts are rapidly growing in the country. About 360,000 of the population had use meth at least one time.

9. Brazil:

Brazil comes on the number 9 in the list of top 10 drug addictive countries. Oxi is used as the most addictive drug in the country. Oxi comprises a mixture of cocaine paste, gasoline, calcium oxide and kerosene. The word Oxi derived from the word ‘oxidado’ and ‘rust’. And its popularity in Brazil as its being both cheaper and more powerful than cocaine. Brazil is also the main production point of the Oxi.

8. United states of America:

According to a survey, it is noticed that 7 out of 10 Americans used prescription pills. Predominantly, these pills were for chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart problems, antidepressant, and opioids. The less worrying vaccines and anti-asthma drugs are found to be common amongst the under-nineteens. The population taking drugs of this kind has to continue revising 44% to 48% within the space of several years and noticed that continue to rise. Read about the most corrupt countries.

7. Canada:

Marijuana is widely using the drug in Canada. As Canada is not a too much-populated country but still drugs are widely using in the country. Cannabis is also using as the drug in the country. 44.3% of its population having cannabis at least ones. It is also noticed that from past few decades use of cannabis decreasing significantly. But still, there is 22, 3000 regular users of cannabis in the country. Canadian government still tries to control the drug addiction in the country.

6. Afghanistan:

Afghanistan is the largest opium producing country in the world. In the year 2009 and 2012 surveys are conducted in Afghanistan that shows that at least 350,000 Afghans are addicted to heroin, which is an astounding increase of 75% since 2005. It is also noticed that 50 % of opium addicting parents gives the drugs to their children. An estimated that Afghans are addicted 8% of the overall population. You may also interested to read about Top 10 countries with lowest infant mortality rates in the world.

5. Russia:

Vodka is particularly consumed on large scale in Russia. It is found that most of the Russian adults the big abusers of this drug. Most of the men become died due to the use of this drug. Most of the 25% of Russian men who do not reach at the of 55 dies from the alcohol-related causes that are liver disease, alcohol poisoning, and alcohol influenced accidents, violence, and suicide. The use of alcohol is 7.1% of the per capita in the country. Please continue the reading Top 10 drug addicted countries article.

4. Slovakia:

A clear colorless substance use as drug addictive in Slovakia. The misuse of inhalants in Slovakia is at number 4, with a surprisingly large number of abusers of this drug. The exact use of this drug is still unclear. Worryingly, significant a large number of deaths are recorded due to the use of this drugs. Making even casual use of this type of drug an enormous danger.

3. France:

The misuse of prescription pills is also considered to be the mind altering substance. France comes to the third position in the list of top 10 drug addicted countries in the world. This European country’s prescription drug use is higher as 13.2% per capita. Abuse of prescription drug in France includes prominently those substances containing benzodiazepines, buprenorphine, and methadone. You may also like to read Top 10 countries with highest aids rates in the world.

2. United kingdom:

As drinking alcohol is considered to be the symbol of liberalism in many of the foreign countries. In many of the non-Muslims countries buying and selling of alcohol is officially allowed. The United Kingdom is one of that countries, it is estimated that alcohol is 45% more affordable in the UK now. An estimated that 1.6 million people in England alone are depended on alcohol, and only 6.4% of these will access treatment.

1. Iran:

Iran is on the top of the list as this country consumes the highest amount of heroin. Sadly, there is little the country can do about it. Iran is allotted the little amount of money for tackling drug abuse. Almost 14.32% per capita heroin is use in the country. But from recent few years, Iranian tries to control the importing of this drug in their country. They try to strict control over the import of this drug by making strict control over their borders.

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