Top 10 Countries with the Largest Jewish Population

Top 10 Countries with the Largest Jewish Population

Jewish are undoubtedly very least but powerful community in the world.  People are willing to know about the their faith and beliefs and also many other questions related to the Jewish community. But in this topic we will let you know about the Top 10 Countries with the Largest Jewish Population, as well as total no. of Jewish living in Israel.  Below are the questions we will also cover in this article:

  • What are the Total No. of Jewish in the World?
  • What are the Total No. of Jewish in Israel?
  • Top 10 Countries with the Largest Jewish Population
  • Which Country Has the Most Jewish?

More than 13 Million Jews are present all around the world. They live almost in every continent and a most abundant population of Jews live in Israel. 6,014,000 Jewish resident present in Israel and its the largest Jewish community living in any country. The population of Jews declines rapidly from the period of “Holocaust”. Through the years of anti-Semitism and oppression, most of the people who have strong believe in Jewish faith depressed in other countries throughout the world. So the population of Jews is greater than reported. The list of  Top 10 Countries with the Largest Jewish Population is given below:

Jews In Israel
What are the Total No. of Jewish in Israel?

The largest population of Jews are present in Israel which is 6,014,000. Israel developed in 1948 and a large number of Jews from all over the world migrate to this country. 75% population of Israel is consist of Jews and its the largest no. of percentage of Jews in any country.

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No. of Jews In The United States

The US has also the greatest population of Jews  after Israel rank at second place with population 5,425,000. Their Jewish population is nearly equal to the population of Jews in Israel. Due to religious oppression in Europe, most of the Jews move towards America. One of the main reason for their migration to America is freedom of religion. 90% of the Jewish population is present in Ashkenazi.

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Total no. of Jews In France

On the third spot is France with population 478,000. France is also in the list of Top 10 Countries with the Largest Jewish Population. In Europe, France has the greatest number of Jews than any other country in Europe Continent. During the phase of oppression and Holocaust majority of the Jews of this area persisted. They don’t migrate towards Israel. But in 19th century Jews of North Africa move towards France. Most common types of Jews present nowadays in France are “Mizrahi and Sephardi”.

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Population of Jews in Canada

On the fourth spot is Canada which has a population of almost 380,000. Most of the Jews move towards Canada during the period of religious oppression in Europe. The basis of Jews which live in Canada is mostly Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, and Sephardi. In Canada, the initial Jewish occupant were the associates of the British army.

Jewish Population in The United Kingdom

The UK is in the fifth place having a population of nearly 290,000. According to the history, the initial Jews came to the UK in 1070 but due to Holocaust in Europe, they were expelled for almost two hundred years. But later in 19 century, they got the permit to live in England. After France, UK is on the second place in Jewish population in Europe.

Jewish Population In the Russia

What are the Total no. of Jewish in Russia?

The number of Jews in the Russia is almost 190,000. In Europe, Russia is on the third spot in Jewish resident. Before oppression and anti-Semitism Russia is considered as a home ground for Jews but after that, there is a rapid decline in their population.

Jews Population In Argentina

Argentina comes at no. 7 out of  Top 10 Countries with the Largest Jewish Population in the world.

The number of Argentine Jews is 182,000. In the beginning of 16 century, initial Jews have arrived in this country. Different groups of Jews are present in this country. In Latin America, the population of Jews is greatest in Argentina.

Germany Jewish Population

Jewish population in Germany is about 118,000. During the time oppression, the numbers of Jews in Germany decline a lot. But in 19 century they migrate back to Germany. An extensive history of living and pursuit of Jews is present in Germany.

Total No. of Jews in Australia

Australia falls at no. 9 among the Top 10 Countries with the Largest Jewish Population. The Jewish resident in Australia is nearly 113,000. Most of them immigrated in early 19 century. They are life in mostly Sydney, Melbourne and some other cities of Australia.

Brazil with Jewish Population

Brazil is at no. 10 in the list with respect to the Jewish population in the world. In the 16 century, initial Jews arrived in Brazil. They are mainly live in “Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro”.

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