Top 10 Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed in the World 2013

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Internet is one of the amazing inventions in the 21st century which is being used all over the world by different countries and regions and people are taking advantage of this amazing invention. Different countries of the world are running internet on diverse connection speeds which are measured through the maximum connection speed and it is totally depended upon the quality of cables used for the internet. All the countries has dissimilarity in their connection speeds, in this article we have prepared a list which can help you to find the top ten countries with the highest internet speeds in the world.


List of Top Ten Countries With Fastest Internet Speed in the World

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1. Hong Kong

  Hong Kong flag

As we all know Hong Kong is one of the strongest countries in the world and also has blazing internet connectivity having the average peak speed 54.1 megabits per second making it the leading country having the fastest internet connections around the globe.

2.South Korea

South Korea
South Korea is the second nation for the fastest internet speed in the world. It is one of the few Asian countries having the highest blazing connections. Its peak speed is 48.8 Mbps. So it is given the second rank in the list for its fastest connectivity.

3. Japan

Japan Flag
Japan is one of the most populated and leading countries in the technology and so many High-speed optic fiber wires in the different areas of Japan. Its connection speed is up to 42.2 Mbps.

4. Latvia

Latvia flag
While discussing the most advanced and popular countries of the world Latvia not comes into the list, but while talking about the highest and fastest internet around the globe, Latvia has a good reputation because its broadband speed reaches up to 37.5 MBPS making it the fourth country for the fastest connectivity around the globe.

5. Romania

Romania flag
The internet speed in Romania has decreased about 3.2% still its connections are fastest than many other nations of the world. Its average connection speed reaches 37.4 mega bits per second.

6. Belgium

Belgium flag
Belgium internet connections have increased the speed up to the average speed of 32.7 megabits per second and this speed is enough for the heaviest amount of downloading so Belgium got the sixth rank for its fastest connections in the world.

7. Switzerland

Switzerland flag

It is considered one of the major countries with everlasting finance industry. It is considered one of the richest countries around the globe. Its internet connectivity is up to 32.4 megabits per second.

8. Bulgaria

Bulgaria flag
Bulgaria has one of the stable economies in the world the reason behind its good economy is the lowest tax rates and the cheapest labor. Bulgaria has more attractions for the domestic as well as the foreign investors. Its broadband has the average peak speed 32.1 Megabits per second.

9. Israel

Israel flag
Israel is one of the famous nations with the highest literacy rates around the globe. And it has good defending position as compared to different countries of the world because is the 8th largest country with most nuclear weapons in the world. Israel has taken a good place in the IT sector as well. Its broadband connections has reached up to 30.9 megabits per second.

10. Singapore

Singapore flag
Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world by GDP. In different sectors of life Singapore has taken a good position. IT sector is also progressed in Singapore. So it is given the 10th rank for the fastest internet speed in the world. Its internet connections has reached 30.7 megabits per second.


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Q : Did you know what country has the fastest speed in the world?

[box type=”tick” style=”rounded”]Ans : At present Hong Kong has the fastest internet connections as compared to the other nations of the world. [/box]

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