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Today, Twitter has become a popular social networking website connecting billions of people living throughout the planet. Personally I am also using the Twitter frequently. I mostly enjoy its fun, compression and the truth that you can connect with everyone, everywhere and anytime within seconds. Besides, the reality can’t be denied that Twitter has played a significant role to begin the revolutions. Every social media website has its own popularity, usage, and significance, but my story is exclusively about the Twitter users by country. I spent enough time to examine and find out the Twitter usage trends as constantly they are charming.

What countries are most active on Twitter or what are the top countries with the most Twitter users in the world? First of all I will start with per capita users. Surprisingly the United States isn’t on the top of this ranking list. In reality, United States is given the fifth spot in terms of per capita users sweeping amid the others, Brunei. But as per the Northeastern University researchers, Kuwait holds the first place in terms of users by country when it comes to the per capita usage.

List of Top 10 Countries With Most Twitter User Per Capita 2015

Twitter Users by Country 2015

Rank Country
1. Kuwait FlagKuwait
2. Netherlands flagNetherlands
3. Brunei flagBrunei
4. United KingdomUnited Kingdom
5. United States flagUnited States of America
6. Chile flagChile
7. Ireland flagIreland
8. Canada FlagCanada
9. sweden flagSweden
10. Puerto Rico flagPuerto Rico

Now let’s reveal something more about the Twitter. When it comes to the number of overall users, the Sysomos research has ranked U.S on the 1st spot. Below is the list of top ten countries with highest usage of this popular social media website.

List of Top 10 Countries With Most Twitter Users in the World 2015

Rank Country
1. United States flagUSA
2. United KingdomUK
3. Canada FlagCanada
4. Australia flagAustralia
5. Brazil flagBrazil
6. Germany flagGermany
7. Netherlands flagNetherlands
8. France flagFrance
9. indiaIndia
10. countries producing most gold,gold producing countries,gold production by country,largest gold producing country,biggest gold producer in the worldSouth Africa

However, if the number of individuals is the only measure, then China should be on the top instead of the United States. But China doesn’t allow Twitter to its occupants. However, there is an intense use of Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-Facebook hybrid, which has more than 100 million messages posted daily.

Do you know who the heaviest individual hitters in the Twitter-sphere are? I shouldn’t be shocked, as here is the ranking list of top ten most popular accounts in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Twitter Accounts in the World 2015

Rank Account
1.  Katy Perry (over 50 million followers)
2. Justin Bieber
3. Barack Obama
4. Lady Gaga
5. YouTube
6. Taylor Swift
7. Britney Spears
8. Rihanna
9. Instagram
10. Justin Timberlake

Not correctly sure what I was expecting here.Suppose I was hopeful for more scientists, philosophers, business directors, novelists or something similar to this. Perhaps it’s now a new symbol as those grand old sports demonstrated part is titled, “that the Apocalypse is superimposed us.” To be very frank, I was somewhat confused no Kardashians presented this ranking list.

However not approximately as confused as I was to observe nearly at Twitter age trends. Again below is the Sysomos data showing the users by their age.

Twitter users age demographics

User’s Age Percentage
15-19 31%
20-24 35%
25-29 15%
30-34 7%
35-39 4%
40-44 3%
45-49 2%
50-54 2%
55-60 1%
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