Top 10 Countries with most orthodox Christians

Top 10 Countries with most orthodox Christians

In the northeast of Africa like Egypt and Ethiopia, there are more adherents of orthodox as it is a republic in Europe by former socialist. There are three branches of Christianity and orthodox is one of them. Orthodox mainly follows early Christian doctrines. Homoousian doctrine is mainly followed by these people who show that Jesus is both man and God. Separation is held between the orthodox religion due to some issues like date of Easter, use of images and things like Holy Spirit. The oldest religious institutes are one of the Orthodox Church and categorized to go behind the innovative Christian faith which is recognized by Jesus. In the Roman and Byzantine empires, the faith becomes more common by the 4th century.

In Below section top 10 countries with most orthodox Christians List I am going to share with you people is considered to be the most common follower of the orthodox Christian. Also you will get the answer of Which country has the largest no. of Orthodox Christians?

Largest Number of Orthodox Christianity followers in Russia

Both in case of land and the population of orthodox Christian, Russia is the largest among all the countries. There are round about 101 million followers which are recognized are following this orthodox Christianity. For about 1000 years, the Russian Orthodox Church has been known for its strong and powerful political influence.

Number of Orthodox Christianity followers in Ethiopia

The number of Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia is also very high which is round about 36 million. The Orthodox Church in Ethiopia has certain different beliefs than other orthodox church. King Solomon fathered a son with Queen Sheba is the most common belief of the people of this region. However, they strictly follow their religion and it is common all around the country.

Number of Orthodox Christianity followers in Greece

The number of followers of Greek Orthodox Christianity in Greece is 10 million. So, it is comparatively less than that of Russia and Ethiopia. The major thing about the church in Greece is that it slides down from the original churches of the first century. The Greek translation of the novel Testament is followed everywhere in the Orthodox Church. In the constitution of Greece, there is no particularly written form about the separation of church and state. So, we can say that church has momentous authority over the society.

Modern significance of orthodox Christianity

In one way, it is unfamiliar to some people but in another way, Orthodox Church has great importance in all around the world. Its adherence has been praised by many observers as it considers that they mainly followed original Christian principles. There are some differences in the beliefs of Orthodox Church and Catholic pope and the disagreement is held on the discussion of the persecution of Christians in the middles east.

List of countries with most orthodox Christian population

The population of Christians in Russia is 101 million, in Ethiopia is 36 million, in Ukraine is 35 million, in Romania is 19 million, in Greece is 10 million, in Serbia is 6.7 million, in Belarus is 5.9 million, in Egypt is 3.9 million and in Georgia is 3.8 million.

Rank Countries With The Largest Orthodox Christian Populations Orthodox Christians
1. Russia 101 million
2. Ethiopia 36 million
3. Ukraine
35 million
4. Romania 19 million
5. Greece
10 million
6.7 million
7. Bulgaria 6.2 million
7. Egypt 5.9 million
8. Georgia 3.9 million
9. Georgia 3.8 million
10. Tbilisi

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