Top 10 Countries With Most Facebook Users in the World

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At present era, introduction of the thousands of latest innovations have placed the world at the peak position of competition, the invention of Internet has decreased the distances between people living in different parts of the world. It has facilitated people to communicate more easily ever. Internet has socialized the world by a large number of social media websites. From which Facebook is one of the most famous social website that is used by the millions of people around the world. As a result from the past few years, the number of Facebook users has increased with an amazing number. There is no nation that has not the inhabitants connected with this popular social site. Due to its increasing users we have made  an effort to put all the information in front of you that will help you to list of Top 10 Countries With Most Facebook Users in the World.

Comparison with other Social Website at a Glance

Although there is a huge number of other social media websites, but Facebook has the most noteworthy status than others. Facebook has more users than the other social media websites, through following image you will see the difference between the Facebook and other social media sites at a glance.

Facebook users comparisn with other social media users

It is the most used social media all over the world and its number of users is increasing at highest level, Following is a list of Top ten countries with the highest number of Facebook usage.

List of Top 10 Countries With Most Facebook Users in the World

Rank Country

(End of 2012)

Facebook Users
(End of 2012)
1. United States 313,847,465 166,029,240
2. India 1,205,073,612 62,713,680
3. Brazil 193,946,886 58,565,700
4. Indonesia 248,645,008 51,096,860
5. Mexico 114,975,406 38,463,860
6. United Kingdom 63,047,162 32,950,400
7. Turkey 79,749,461 32,131,260
8. Philippines 103,775,002 29,890,900
9. France 65,630,692 25,624,760
10. Germany 81,305,856 25,332,440

Following image Shows the usage statistics in the world than other websites at a glance which contains the information about percentage of people being connected by this website.

Facebook by the number of users HD |top 10 countries with most facebook users in the world 2013 |which country has most facebook users in the world

Did you know which country has the most Facebook users in the world?

Ans : According to the information collected by out team United States of America has the highest number of users around the world.According to an estimate Although it lost more than 3.04 million people who used this website, yet it has more than 165 people who are using this social website either on computer or on the cell phones.

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