List of Top 10 Strongest Armies in the World

Who has the biggest and strongest army in the world? What country has the biggest and most powerful military in the world? These are much usual questions arising in our minds in the event when the military power is being discussed. No one can deny accepting the significance of military power in the world. There is no nation who claims to survive without any military services on the planet.

Due to the great significance and for the security of occupants every nation tries to maintain the strongest army. Today a lot of countries are spending a major portion of their budget on their army; while there are quite a few nations that are not spending a reasonable amount on their army. In this report, we have listed the top 10 countries having the strongest and largest army in the world. The Global Firepower is a tracking body that tracks the military power of different countries through the accessible public sources.

The Global Firepower has ranked the top ten strongest armies in the world. While presenting this ranking list of strongest militaries, we have discarded Global Firepower naval measurements since they are tracking the naval power by the number of ships, making a patrol boat equal to a super carrier. The list of largest navies by weight is being used alternately. Scroll down and see the data figures showing an outlook of each military power.

List of Top 10 Strongest Armies in the World 2015 Ranking

list of top ten most powerful and largest armies in the world 2015 ranking

10. Turkey

military of turkey

An extended tank force, military industry, and a large military population give turkey the 10th spot in this ranking. Improving the Turkish Navy is a great step that is increasing the naval force of Turkey. The Turk government is expanding its military power for war because ISIS stands at its doorstep.

9. Japan

japanese army

The Japanese people feel proud to have one of the largest armies in the world. Japan is considered the sixth-biggest military spending nation in the world. Having the fifth biggest air fleet and fourth biggest navy, Japan stands among the strongest countries in the world.  It has more than 2,47000 active military personals.

8. Germany

German Army

Germany took the best rank in the Global Firepower. Due to its strong economy, best and tough military training and a great military spending are the features that are also making Germany more powerful at National Interest. However, a few outside media reports reveal that Germany may be lower than it appears on the paper. Its oil burning is greater than its oil production. And in a report it is shown that the major oil imports come from Russia. Germany is facing a great problem with its usual rifle. Today, Germany is facing a great trouble to handle its Oil shortage.

7. South Korea

South Korean Army

Having more than 6, 24,000 active military population, South Korea holds the 6th largest military by the number of active soldiers, the sixth largest fleet of aircraft in the world. South Korea also holds the 8th biggest navy. However, it has a small budget and armored crops. North Korea is considered a great threat to South Korea.

6. France

french army

Although France doesn’t hold an impressive number of ships, tanks, and planes yet it holds more advanced and efficient military equipment giving France the sixth spot in the list of world’s biggest armies. Rafale and Mirage jets, LeClers main battle tanks, Tiger helicopters and the only nuclear-powered carrier outside of the United States are providing the chief muscle behind the French Army. A great portion of French Military equipment is manufactured in France. It shows France as an independent nation who can produce its own weapons during the war.

5. United Kingdom

British army

Notwithstanding a small number of active military personals, aircraft, and tanks, the United Kingdom still holds the fifth rank in the list of top 10 strongest armies in the world. It holds the fifth biggest navy and military budget. Furthermore, the British military also has an advantage of its geographical boundaries.

4. India

Indian army

Having the great feet of aircraft, tanks and a great navy, India holds the fourth spot in our ranking. It has the greatest number of labor force along with the greatest number of military personals. The Indian army has to suffer a great trouble as its oil consumption is greater than its oil production.  Its border military force is the only force that has managed a camel mounted regiment.

3. China

Chinese army

China is the largest country in the world by its population size. It has the second largest military budget, tank force, and the third largest fleet of aircraft. However, when it comes to the figure of largest military personnel, China holds the first spot.

2. Russia

Modern Russian Military

Russia and America has a great rivalry between their military.  Russia is considered world’s largest oil producing country. It has a large navy as well as a great armor figure. When it comes to the number of military personnel, Russia holds the fourth spot, but here it holds the second spot. The Special Operational Forces and the propaganda arms are proving them in Ukraine, so here Russia is considered a greatest destabilizing authority.

1.  The United States of America

U.S Army - The Strongest army in the world

Winning the first spot in the list of most powerful armies in the world, is not other than the United States. Not a big surprise, the United States is spending more than $577 billion annually on its military services. It is four times more than China’s overall military budget. The American military is behind both India and China on all other measures of manpower. However, it holds the first spot in this ranking through its superior air power and a carrier fleet that is greater than any other nation on the planet.

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