Top 10 Coffee Producing Countries of the World

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It seems quite simple to make a cup of coffee but have you imagined how much it is difficult to produce and what are the countries producing the most coffee in the world? It is widely liked and consumed commodity which was introduced in 15th century in Ethiopia. It is available in several colors such as Black, light brown, dark brown, white, beige and black and served in both hot and cold form but usually it is served in hot form. Although it was founded in Ethiopia yet it is produced in more than 80 countries of the world and more than 60 million people are engaged in the production of coffee

Coffee Production is a process of its conversion from raw plant to the finished product in the access for the consumer. Some countries of the world has made the coffee production, their major source of income, following is a list of top ten countries which are reported to be the largest coffee producers in the world and according to 2013 estimates annual production of coffee is given by country in kilo grams.

List of Top Ten Coffee Producing Countries of the world

Rank Country Production
(Kilo Grams)
1. top ten soccer countries in the world, which country is the best at soccer, top soccer countries,soccer countries rankings,soccer countries of the world,soccer countries standings  Brazil 2,550,720,009
2. Vietnam flag  Vietnam 900,000,000
3. Ivory Coast  Ivory Coast 696,000,000
4. countries producing most gold,gold producing countries,gold production by country,largest gold producing country,biggest gold producer in the world Indonesia 411,000,000
5. Ethiopia  Ethiopia 330,000,000
6. Wheat Production by country-top 5 wheat producers in the world  India 300,300,000
7. Highest Obesity Rates, United States Obesity statistics  Mexico 270,000,000
8. Guatemala flag  Guatemala 240,000,000
9. Peru flag  Peru 210,000,000
10. Honduras flag  Honduras 162,000,000


Its production is also given in a graph which is showing the annual production in tonnes up till 2012.


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Question of the day

[box type=”note” style=”rounded”]Q : Did you know what country produces the most coffee in the world?[/box]

Ans : More than 80 countries are producing coffee in the world, but Brazil is the largest producer in the world as compared to the other countries of the world. Brazil is officially recognized as Federative Republic of Brazil and it is one of the most religious countries around the globe. It has huge number of oil reserves in the world so it is one of the largest oil-producing nations . Brazil is given the seventh rank due to its largest mango production all over the globe.

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