Top 10 best countries to study abroad for 2017

Top 10 best countries to study abroad for 2017

Study abroad and specifically from a famous and well-reputed university is not less than a dream. So the main hurdle is which countries are providing quality and cost saving study. The students across the world are looking forward to acquiring the quality education in their field of interest. There are no. of countries that are enrolling thousands of international students from the different corner of the world. Let me compile the list of top 10 best countries to study abroad for 2017:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • China
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia


Top 10 best countries to study abroad for 2017

10- France

France is one of the top 10 most beautiful countries in Europe and many of international students proactively enrolling in different universities of France. SO, it is important to add the France in Top 10 best countries to study abroad for 2017 list. There are many of pros for studying in France, apart from quality education, a student has plenty of recruitment opportunities due to a degree of a reputed university. The exhilarated vistas of beautiful sites of France are also attracting plenty of International students that are interested in fine arts or design subjects.

Most of the compulsory subjects are in the English language in graduate courses that are pretty easy to understand for International students. Also, there is very less tuition fee of the graduate students and many of the universities are also providing scholarships to international students. So, it’s a big opportunity for the students to grab it and let rise and shine by polishing your skills. But a bit disappointing story is that sometimes subjects in the French language are also compulsory for all the students.

9- Germany

Germany the heart of Europe and an economic power is featuring very cost effective study plans for the international students. Being a student I also do know we are always trying to see the universities and countries that are providing education on scholarship or on low cost. So considering this thought of students I have to keep Germany in the list of top 10 best countries to study abroad for 2017. Germany is already considered best in delivering Business and Sciences studies. Also, many of the opportunities are awaiting for the students after finishing their studies in any of the Germany universities. Germany has no. of famous industries that are recruiting graduate students on yearly basis. Similarly France, German universities are also offering few programs that are compulsory to study in the German language. So it’s a bit hurdle in passing out such subjects for international students.

8- Canada

Canada education department is also facilitating international students to fulfill their dreams by getting the quality education. Toronto is the home of International students across the world. 6.5% of the students are International for higher education in top universities of Canada. This amount is going to be higher in the few upcoming years. Indeed, a great country to get study in any of the Canadian University of your choice. Also, scholarships are available in all of the universities in Canada.

7- Spain

Spain landscape is diverse in nature and boasting lot of cultural values. A student from faraway places and across the Europe come to learn the Spanish language in Spain. Apart from this particular learning, Spanish universities are also offering a number of studying programs for International students. Also, scholarships are available for the students who fulfill the required criteria for that. Spain is a right country to get your study done. You may also like to see the list of top 10 universities of usa 2017 ranking.

6- Denmark

Denmark is one of the beautiful countries of Europe. The quality education system of the Denmark is quite adorable. No. of universities in Denmark is providing free education almost with zero tuition fee. Including to this in a case of Ph.D. students are also earning salaries with fully funding education from govt. of Denmark. So imagine how this could be beneficial for the students of different countries.

5- Italy:

Italy is not just a home of oldest Universities in the World, also it is providing quality and affordable education to the international students for a long time. The beautiful landscape of Italy is also another reason of a top choice for the International students. There are plenty of reason behinds why students choose Italy for studying purpose. Undoubtedly the one major is the low-cost accommodations by living in Italy. The numerous universities are also providing scholarships to the international students. Also, another reason for studying in Italy is the job opportunity after accomplishing the degree program. So, get any of the university that suits to your domain. Also, consider your pros and cons before choosing any university to get admission. Please continue reading Top 10 best countries to study abroad for 2017 article.

4- New Zealand

International students are gradually increasing in the New Zealand and its demand is higher now among the students than ever before. Comparatively to other surrounding countries like Australia, the New Zealand education is much cheaper and affordable for students of any program. The world’s top universities the University of Auckland and the University of Otago are offering a lot of low budget programs to the international students; so why shouldn’t be a preferred choice for the students across the world. Go and grab your seat in any of the university in New Zealand, polish your skills and achieve your goals.

3- China

The rising star of the world China’s popular universities are offering international students to take admission. It’s been noticed that from previous 5 years the foreigner’s students are rushing towards China for studying. Mostly the students from across the world are going China to do graduate in Medical Sciences. Also, the living and studying are too cheap than any of the countries in Europe. Also, students are offering scholarships and no tuition fee in many of the popular universities in China. The job is also offered to the students after successful accomplishment of degree. The Chinese government is also very interested in hiring International students. So, a great opportunity for the students to get study and work in China. You may also like to visit top 10 Indian universities in 2017.

2-United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the old countries that is providing quality education to the foreigner’s students for a long time. Featuring numerous programs to the students that are equally beneficial to the local as well as International students. Students from every corner of the world are present in the universities of UK. The United Kingdom is undoubtedly hub of knowledge and wisdom and world’s renowned scholars and scientists were the part of UK’s universities.

UK is still carrying out thousands of international students that are getting the education in the UK. Also, the world’s top universities are the landmark of UK and most of the student can just dream about those universities. But from past few years the British govt. has strict the rules for international students. It is not as easy to get admission as it was before. Due to the abundance of International students, the abandoned step has been taken by the govt. The education and accommodation are not as cheaper as that once. So, it is a very sorrow news or alert for those students that are eagerly looking for any of the UK’s university. But there are few universities that are still providing affordable education in the UK.

1- Australia

Australia is one of the top 10 best countries to study abroad for 2017, providing quality education within little budget and work opportunity. There are not tough rules for the students to get work during their study period. They can easily get work permit along getting the education. The landscape and diversity of the Australia are a big reason for the international students. You can work in any of the bars, drive taxi, and do any specific work that will not interrupt you in studying, will work for you 🙂

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