Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World

Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World: Retirement in the United States once meant a one-way ticket to Florida but not anymore. Many Americans today are selecting to retire abroad, capitalizing on the lower costs of living, bright scenery and culture, substantial benefits for retirees that countries around the globe have to offer. Each year, expat-focused global Living takes a look at the top countries for Americans to retire, considering everything from local production to the accessibility of direct flights to the United States. To discounts on use to develop a list of the most good-looking places for Americans to relocate post-career.

To determine which countries make their Yearly Global Retirement Index, global Living relies on information from their global network of contributors as well as data on factors such as climate, the cost of living, and health care from experts counting the World Health Organization, World Bank, and CIA World Factbook. Also taken into consideration is the size of the local expat community and the percentage of the local community that speaks English. The resulting list gives a broad range of options for those countries to retire in the world, whatever their environmental choices may be.

Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World 2015 Ranking

10. Thailand

As Asia’s appeal to North American expats extends to grow, Thailand has become a well-liked destination. The country combines the best of authentic Asian cuisine and people with enough North American influences to help you feel at home. Thriving expat communities already exist in the bigger cities, such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and resort areas, such as Phuket and Hua Hin. Thai person is also well-known for their welcoming and tolerant nature, their hospitality readily extended to expats.

Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World

9. Portugal

The land own by the Portugal near the border has been continuously settled and fought over since prehistoric times. Two nations Romans and Celts were caught by the Visigothic and the Suebi, who were themselves later invaded by the Moors. Muslim peoples were finally dismissed during the Christian Reconquista of the peninsula. In 1139, they had established themselves and make them liberated from León. In fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, that was the age of discovery in the result of pioneering. They established the first global empire and expanded Western influence, becoming one of the world’s major economic, political and military powers.

Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World

8. Colombia

For North Americans going south, Colombia is becoming an increasingly attractive choice. Because this diverse has an incredibly low cost of living. A couple may live easily with a comfort by spending just about $1200 per month.

Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World

7. Malta

Sitting right at the center of the Mediterranean, In Malta, you can spend life with the best qualities of life to be found in Europe. First-World types of service and infrastructure, a wealth of historical and architectural treasures from its eons of history, world-class golf courses, and the sparkling Mediterranean all in a country one-tenth the size of Rhode Island ensure that this tiny island will keep you occupied.

Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World

6. Spain

“Spain is a very good idea for many people, including me,” says IL Editor Glynna Prentice. “This country owns gorgeous history and the traditions which someone expects from the  Europe. But it also has fun lovers, the culture of late night enjoyment, delightful food, and the valuable persons, and that’s very appealing.”

Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World

5. Costa Rica

If you have zero to do in a place, you’re going to get bored moderately quickly. For some folks, a mountainside home in rural Costa Rica is heaven. While other people want the bright worlds and the option of taking in a show. In this category, we evaluate a destination’s indoor and outdoor recreation potential. Is it easy to see films in English? Are there many concerts or cultural events available? What kind of outdoor activities are get possible by the climate and terrain? Please continue the reading of Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World article.

Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World

4. Malaysia

Very year, more and more experts are waking up to the incredible opportunities Malaysia has to offer. Malaysia comes on top in economic comparison within Asian countries. In Which one can depict by making a deep eye on consistent growth in the standard of living style. It’s just one of various factors that led to it being ranked the largest Asian nation in this year’s index.

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Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World

3. Mexico

“In Mexico, I can get practically anything I could get back home, between the U.S. chain stores and the nearby shops and markets also I can get all the wonderful local specialties,” says by someone. “The big difference is the prices. Tickets to a top-notch concert may cost me $8 or even less. And I can walk to the show hall through a beautiful colonial city. I can buy a week’s worth of groceries for fifteen to twenty dollars, and I don’t know anyone who pays more than a few hundred dollars a year in property taxes.”

Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World

2. Panama

“Panama needs you to come, and their policies court you,” says Jessica Ramesch, IL’s Panama Editor. “The Pensionado visa is accessible to anyone with a lifetime pension of over $1,000 a month. Discounts you can get the visa include 20% of medical services, 50% off entertainment, 25% of restaurant meals, 25% of airfare, and 25% of electricity and phone bills.”

Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World

1. Ecuador

It supports the generous array of interests the government has afforded to retirees. Over-65s get discounts on flights originating in Ecuador. As well as up to 50% off entry to films and sporting events. Discounts are also available on public transport (50%) and utilities, with the option of a free landline if you purchase a property

Top 10 Best Countries to Retire In The World

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