Most Popular Christmas Trends in 2016


Some people say they start earlier, while on the other hand, some people don’t wait for it: the pre-Christmas season 2016 was formally escorted in! In retail, the beginning decorations and Christmas chocolates arrive, in the circle of friends starts the preparation for Christmas Eve. Similarly, same like every year, there are also 2016 great Christmas trends, making the most peaceful month of the year a fantastic experience.

Back to the Nature

This year, the Christmas Trail, for instance, rotates around nature and particularly around the United States and some European countries. The offer for animal decorations from the domestic undergrowth is fabulous. Fox, deer, squirrel and snow owl, they all join mutually and decorate the Christmas trees, an Advent bouquet or the Kaminsims. The design for the cute figures is very different. Manageable models rely on a natural appearance, which can be bestowed to various styles. Current solutions are straightforward, futuristic and do without useless items.

Materials and ornaments to make your Christmas tree more beautiful


When it comes to the material, the designers also get their motivation from nature and the natural beauty. There are abundant natural materials including wool, moss or wood. They work as a base for Christmas decorations and can be emphasized, connected to cozy camps for wild animals. A large metal bowl, filled with foliage, moss, and branches, is the ideal place to set the cute forest visitors stilecht.

Christmas trends in 2016

This pattern provides real Christmas potential for do-it-yourself (DIY) fans. Throughout the colorful autumn walk, you can get a lot of beautiful decorations such as:

  • Acorns
  • Pine cones
  • dry leaves
  • Hagebutten
  • Moos

Christmas Trend 2016: Nostalgia is in the air

In addition to the idea of the forest, there are many suggestions from the nostalgic-styled category on the market throughout this Christmas season. Christbaumschmuck with traditional angel decorations are as much in interest as new decor exceptions. Cats, smartphones, and koala bears are used as Christmas tree components. The whole reflects the flair of fabulous tree decorations from the 60s.

This style is applied to a broad range of Christmas items. With a comparable postcard, Christmas greetings can be delivered for all tastes. In daily life, the outfit with a jute bag in the playful Christmas design is highly attraction grabbing and eye-catching. And whoever would like to explain his passion for the attentive days, is hanging an aromatic mistletoe to the autoclave.

Gold and Silver

A trend that has been running on for years has come from the world of colors. Silver and Golden colors are also considered an integral part of Christmas tree and co. In 2016. For a beautiful look in the living room, there are both pompous and straightforward decorations. The three colors (copper, gold, and silver ) can be perfectly mixed and have an excellent effect when combined with black, white or red.

No Tree as he Stands in the Forest

In times of environmental disaster, climate variation and resource scarcity, Christkind also adds value to sustainability. There will also be interesting dilemmas to the real Christmas trees. If you don’t want to put up a real Christmas tree, you can pick one of these great variations:

  • Wall stickers and wall pictures
  • Plastic trees (available in many colors)
  • Wooden trees with or without candle holders

In this area, there are also great ideas for self-making. A Christmas tree made of gifts or created with leg-stones – there is no limit to the wonderful creativity. On social networks like Pinterest or DIY websites, there are many nice tips and inspiring ideas.



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