List of Top 10 Best Countries to Retire in 2016

While making a choice of the country to spend a handsome and affordable life as a retiree, different factors are to consider. But the Main thing is the degree of ease in availing different facilities in that particular nation. Selection of a perfect country, to retire in, requires several factors to keep in thought while a specific personal choice is one important factor.

The most notable factors that are making a country the best country to retire in the world incorporate the cost of living in that particular country. Besides the local weather, crime rate, easy access to the quality health facilities, pollution in the air, tax rates,  degree of well-being, house prices and financial stability of that country also play a significant role. Did you know what is the best country to retire in the world? Concerning all these factors, we have ranked the top ten countries that are widely famous as the best countries for living the life as a retiree or pensioner.

List of Top 10 Best Countries to Retire in 2016

10 Mexico

best places to visit in mexico The south neighbor of the United States, Mexico has more than 112 million population.It is considered the home to biggest American expats community in the world that is making it a great choice for living and retiring. However, Mexico has some bad reputation due to some illegal activities and also not as cheaper as the other highly rated countries. But still there are some astonishing places in Mexico such as Lake Chapala, Ensenada making it a comfortable place for pensioner group of people. It has a big and busy city life together with grand mountains and beautiful beaches making it the tenth best country to retire in the world.

9 Colombia

Colombia - A best place to retire in Colombia is mostly known as the heaven for the retirees. It has some cities having the attraction for the pensioners such as Medellin that is the city of flowers and a lovely spring season. Colombia is the single South American country that has coast on the Pacific Ocean as well as on the Atlantic Ocean. People of Colombia live under the Republican rules and regulations.

8 Costa Rica

beautiful places to visit in costa rica

Costa Rica is a country just situated in Central Africa with more than 4.6 million occupants. It is the country that welcomes the expats since the last 30 years. Beautiful weather conditions, political stability, low residential and transportation costs and easy access to the good health services are the factors making it the 8th best country to retire abroad. It has a wonderful rainy season that remains from the month of May until November.

Likewise, the sunny morning and rainy afternoons are specific parts of that rainy season making it more pleasant. Costa Rica has a coast on the Caribbean Sea and also a coast on the Pacific Ocean. Slightly cooler days remain from January to February.

7 Panama

beautiful resorts to visit in panama

Having a population of almost 3.5 million people, Panama attracts the retirees like no other country in the world. Panama uses the American dollar as its official currency. Affordable prices of living such as the least tax rates, good health services that include U.S trained doctors, property prices make it a good country to retire in the world. It is ruled under the constitutional democracy.

It has namesake canal that is the passageway separating the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Temperature often remains moderate and varies by region. While Coronado, which is a beach community on Panama Pacific coast, is the best place for retirees as it houses the largest foreign retirees in Panama.


best places to visit in thailandAs a retiree, if you are looking for an ideal place to spend an attractive life then, the choice of Thailand is not bad anyhow. Thailand is the house of stunning mountains, bustling cities, majestic temples, and wonderful sceneries. Especially the Chang Mai valley, which is the home to more than 17,000 foreign residents, is recommended as an attractive place for retirees. Currently, about 41,000 expats are living in Thailand. Low petroleum prices, property rates, and the friendly local environment are making it more comfortable to live and retire abroad.


best places to visit in australiaToday Australia is renowned as the second largest expat population. Currently, 1.3 million expats are living in Australia. Recently dollar value of Australia has increased. Furthermore, it also experienced remarkable growth in the economy. The unemployment level is also extremely low. Australia is the second healthiest nation in the world which adds a point to make it one of the most popular countries to retire in the world.


best places to visit in spainSpain has the largest expat population in Europe. There are amazing cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Spain also stands in the top five destinations on the planet as per 2014 Retirement Index. Due to the current recession the property buying in Spain has become more affordable than it’s been in decades. There are many things that are making Spain a wonderful place for retirees. Such things include good health services, low grocery bills, the variety of vegetables at cheaper rates, easy access to further parts of the nation as well as to Europe.


best resorts in malaysia, best places to visit in malaysiaWith the population of almost 26 million people, Malaysia stands on the Malay Peninsula. Malaysia includes some cities that are the exceptional places to retire such as George Town. George Town’s is a city of more than 7,40,000 people. It is the country of grand mountains and forests. Amazingly friendly environment, a variety of delicious foods, good health care facilities and the English-speaking locals make it a wonderful place for expat retirees.


best and beautiful resorts to visit in equador

This year Ecuador is ranked as the second best country for the international pensioners. Especially Cuenca is considered more important as a perfect place for living as a retiree. There are many other factors that are making Educator an amazing country to retire such as perfect weather conditions, beautiful scenery, quality health services and importantly the affordable prices of properties and other needs.


beautiful places to visit in Portugal

Portugal Claims to be the Best Country to Retire in the world. It is famous especially because of its rich history. In 2015, Portugal held the first spot in the list of top 10 best countries to retire in the world. Portugal covers the one-quarter of the Iberian Peninsula. Today almost 100,000 expat retirees are living in Portugal. Portugal attracts the retirees especially due to its wonderful weather conditions and easy access to the quality services. Pensioners also prefer to live in Portugal because the living cost is considerably cheaper. Buying property in Portugal is three times cheaper than a country like France.

List of Top Ten Best Countries To Retire in the World 2016 Rankings

Rank Country Capital
1. Portugal Lisbon
2. Equador Quito
3. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
4. Spain Madrid
5. Australia Canberra
6. Thailand Bangkok
7. Panama Panama City
8. Costa Rica San José
9. Colombia Bogotá
10. Mexico Mexico City


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