List of Top 10 Amazing Bridges in the World

List of Top 10 Amazing Bridges in the World

We are going to describe the most amazing bridges all our the world from different countries. Following is the List of Top 10 Amazing Bridges in the World.

10- Great Belt Bridge, Denmark

List of Top 10 Amazing Bridges in the World

The Great Belt Bridge is an amazing and a suspension bridge designed and constructed by Danish Engineers back in 1998. The construction of bridge performed with concrete and steel material. The Bridge is 6,790 meter in length and 31 meters wide and has a height of 254 meters. Its longest span of 1.624 meters ranked it as the world’s 3rd longest span containing bridge. So the reason why I compiled it in the list of Top 10 amazing bridges in the world. The bridge is carrying thousands of vehicles in a day and located in the middle of the Great Belt. Adding to all this it was the biggest bridge construction project in the Denmark.

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9- Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Japan

List of Top 10 Amazing Bridges in the World

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge situated in Japan and one of the tallest central suspension bridge in the world. It is an iconic bridge in the Japan and crosses through the Akashi Strait a part of Honshu-Shikoku Highway. It has the total length of 3911 meters as well as 282.9 meter high.  The bridge had constructed in a decade from 1988-1998. The bridge is carrying more than 23k cars per day.

8- Nanpu Bridge: Shanghai, China

List of Top 10 Amazing Bridges in the World

Nanpu Bridge Bridge is located in Shanghai is famous for its spiral shape design. The two towers of shape ‘H’ and along with them no. of pair cables are holding the Nanpu Bridge of 8,346 m long. The bridge was built over the Huangpu River that is separating Pudong Town from Puxi District. Themain span is of 428 m that help it ranking the world 57th longest cable-stayed bridge. It was opened to the public in 1991. You may also like to read the list of top 10 most beautiful capitals.

7- Brooklyn Bridge: New York City, USA

List of Top 10 Amazing Bridges in the World

Brooklyn Bridge: New York City, United States is one of the oldest suspension and Cable-Stayed Bridge and iconic landmark in the USA.  It crosses East River and 5,989 meters in length, 25.9 meters in width as well as 276.5 meters in height. The bridge age is more than a century as it was constructed in 1883. The night sights of the Brooklyn Bridge are spectacular. It helps in linking the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn through East River. Please continue List of Top 10 Amazing Bridges in the world article. Read more about the list of Top 10 most romantic honeymoon destinations in the USA 2017.

6- Millau Viaduct, Millau, France

List of Top 10 Amazing Bridges in the World

The world’s tallest bridge Millau Viaduct Bridge had been opened in 2004 for public. It is surprisingly taller than the Eiffel Tower and an amazing piece of structure it is, isn’t it? A fabulous and built with latest design and technology the Millau Viaduct Bridge is the landmark in France. It is also a cable-stayed-bridge holding by seven piers. Also, it is passing through River Tarn Valley near Millau.

5- Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

List of Top 10 Amazing Bridges in the World

The well-known tourist point the Rialto Bridge was constructed almost four centuries back in 1591. That was replaced by a broken wooden bridge. It is a landmark in Venice. It is one of the few oldest bridges in Venice and always a busy spot for the tourists across the world.

4- Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney

List of Top 10 Amazing Bridges in the World

Sydney  Harbour Bridge is a world known bridge and Australia iconic representation for the tourists and travelers all around the world. The bridge was built with steel and carried automobiles, a railway road and also allow a pedestrian to bicycles to pass through on a daily basis. A spectacular view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House is the cause of the tourists and visitors attractions. Also, it is a skyline as well as the landmark of the Sydney, Australia.

3- Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

Alike the Rialto Bridge, Venice the Ponte Vecchio Bridge is a landmark of Italy. The Ponte Vecchio has a rich and wonderful history. The bridge contains many of the jewelers and art dealer’s shops. In fact, it is not so long or tall, but it has a lot worth in Florence, Italy. The bridge is appealing plenty of visitors from far places. The stack of shops of different items is providing shopping sumptuous shopping opportunity. It’

2- Tower Bridge, England

2- Tower_Bridge_London_Feb_2006

Tower Bridge is an iconic symbol of not just London but for all UK. The bridge had built in the period of 8 years more than a century ago from 1886-1894. The Tower Bridge is located on the River Thames and the combination of suspension as well as bascule. The London Tower is a short distance from the bridge the reason why it was named Tower Bridge. The Bridge is attracting plenty of visitors from across the Europe, and the visit seems incomplete without visiting the Tower Bridge, London. That is the reason why it ranked in the list of top 10 amazing bridges in the world.

1- Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA, US


Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most popular bridge, most photographed, most spectacular and No.1 in rank across the world. The Golden Gate Bridge was constructed back in 1933-1937 for linking San Francisco with Martin County. The Golden Gate Bridge was declared Wonder of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. I believe you have seen no. of films scenes that had been recorded on the Golden Gate Bridge. A truly stunning bridge is completely built with steel material with a golden color. These are the reason why it is world’s most recognized bridge and a landmark of California, USA.

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