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Craigslist Statistics Latest Report 2014

Craigslist is one of the popular terms in the advertisement markets; basically Craigslist is a classified advertisements website having the dissimilar sections specially dedicated to housing, items required, available and required services, jobs, for sale, for purchase, community, gigs, resumes and the discussion forums. Craig Newark started its services in the 1995 as an email discussion list to the friends and featuring the local events until its reorganization as the web-based service in 1996 and the expanding of its network in the different U.S cities during 2000. Currently it is covering near about 50 different countries of the world.

Brief History of Craigslist

After a great observance of public in helping friends and family in a friendly, trusting, and social ways through internet with the help of Well, MindVox and Usenet and remote as a relative beginner to San Francisco. Then Craig Newmark decided to organize another but similar platform for the local events.


All About Craigslist At a Glance
craigslist official Logo PNGType : Private company

Foundation date :   1995 but incorporated 1999

Launched :    1995

Headquartered In :    San Francisco, United States

Available in :   English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

Area served     570 cities in 50 countries

Founder :     Craig Newmark

Employees :    30+

Key people :   Jim Buckmaster (CEO)

Services :    Web communications

It is most popular website around the world. In 2007, a report was prepared that showing the popularity of its different categories by city.

Most Popular Categories By City

most popular craigslist categories by city

Craigslist Statistics Latest Report

Number of Local Craigslist Sites 700
Countries having a local Craigslist site 70
Total Queries Used on Craigslist in the world on daily basis 50,000,000
Percentage of Craigslist’s revenue generated  from adult service ads 33 %
Total Latest classified ads published on Craiglist every month 40 million
Total  used Car ads Watched on Craigslist 9.2 million
Monthly Pages Views of Craigslist 20 billion
Annual Usage of Craigslist by American People 50 million
Monthly job listings posted to this Website 1 million
Percentage of Craigslist owned by Ebay 25 %


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