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The earth is divided into the seven parts which are called continents and each continent has number of countries, Europe is one of these continents of the world having about 50 countries in its geographical boundaries. Europe is not surrounded with water from the entire directions.It is considered the second smallest continent by its area size which is about 10,180,000 sq. km. its population according to 2013 estimates was calculated more than 733 million people covering the 11% of world’s entire population. How many countries are located in Europe continent and what countries are in the Europe? Following is a complete list of all the 50 European countries with their capitals and flags.


List of all the countries of Europe and their capitals


Rank Country Continent Flag
1. Albania Tirana  albania
2. Andorra Andorra la Vella  andorra
3. Armenia Yerevan  armenia
4. Austria Vienna  austria flag
5. Azerbaijan Baku  azerbaijan flag
6. Belarus Minsk  belarus flag
7. Belgium Brussels  belgium flag
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo  bosnia-and-herzegovina flag
9. Bulgaria Sofia  bulgaria flag
10. Croatia Zagreb  croatia flag
11. Cyprus Nicosia  cyprus flag
12. Czech Republic Prague  czech-republic flag
13. Denmark Copenhagen  denmark flag
14. Estonia Tallinn  estonia flag
15. Finland Helsinki  finland flag
16. France Paris  france flag
17. Germany Berlin  germany flag
18. Greece Athens  greece flag
19. Georgia Tbilisi  georgia flag
20. Hungary Budapest  hungary flag
21. Iceland Reykjavik  iceland flag
22. Italy Rome  italy flag
23. Latvia Riga  latvia flag
24. Kazakhstan Astana  kazakhstan flag
25. Liechtenstein Vaduz  liechtenstein flag
26. Lithuania Vilnius  lithuania flag
27. Luxembourg Luxembourg  luxembourg flag
28. Macedonia Skopje  macedonia flag
29. Malta Valletta  malta flag
30. Moldova Chişinău  moldova flag
31. Monaco Monaco-Ville  monaco flag
32. Montenegro Podgorica  montenegro flag
33. Netherlands Amsterdam  netherlands flag
34. Norway Oslo  norway flag
35. Poland Warsaw  poland flag
36. Portugal Lisbon  portugal flag
37. Republic of Ireland Dublin  ireland Flag
38. Romania Bucharest  romania romania
39. Russia Moscow  russia flag
40. San Marino San Marino  san-marino flag
41. Serbia Belgrade  serbia flag
42. Slovakia Bratislava  slovakia flag
43. Slovenia Ljubljana  slovenia flag
44. Spain Madrid  spain flag
45. Sweden Stockholm  sweden flag
46. Switzerland Bern  switzerland flag
47. Turkey Ankara  turkey flag
48. Ukraine Kiev  ukraine flag
49. United Kingdom London  united-kingdom flag
50. Vatican City Vatican City  vatican-city flag

Note :The above given list of European countries and capitals in alphabetical order contains 50 countries and their flags this list is prepared  after verification of different authentic sources.

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[box type=”note” style=”rounded”]Q : Did you know what is the richest country in Europe?[/box]

[box type=”tick” style=”rounded”]Ans : At present Luxembourg is the richest European country in the world by it’s per capita GDP furthermore  it is the world’s second richest country.[/box]

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