Christmas Trees That Won Guinness World Records

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Everyone knows that the Christmas trees have been used for a prolonged period defining from the early times. Traditionally, the tree was set up in residential apartments and furnished by the families. But, with the time, Christmas tree has been invaded into the world Guinness book of records for a diversity of stories containing age, cost, lighting and nature of creation. From fir trees, the Christmas trees are now designed from an extensive range of distinct elements incorporating metal. In this article we have listed the Christmas Trees That Won Guinness World Records. Scroll through the list and see the widely famous Christmas trees.


List of Christmas Trees That Won Guinness World Records for their unique features

The Oldest and Most Historical Christmas Tree Ever

The oldest and most historical Christmas tree is in Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK. This tree is a 12-inch plant lined in an elegant pot. This tree was bought from Woolworths in 1886 and is presently in the administration of Janet Parker, a great grandniece of the principal owner. The tree has been awarded by world Guinness records for the oldest Christmas tree in the world. Parker enhances the beauty of the tree with Virgin Mary and cherubs.

The Largest Floating Christmas Tree

The World’s largest floating Christmas tree is found in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. World Guinness book of records awarded this tree the certificate of world’s largest floating Christmas tree in 2007. This tree has been a significant world charm feature since 1996 when it was first established. The tree stands with the height of 53m, and its weight was 350 tons making it a great Christmas tree in the world.Every year the tree is lit with over 2.5 million bulbs and fireworks presenting it as the third largest tourist attraction in Brazil. The metallic tree stands on 11 floats that create a foundation to establish the tree.

Christmas Tree With The Most Expensive Décor

It is famous as the Christmas tree with the most expensive decor and founded in Tsunamachi Mitsui Club, Japan. In 2002, this tree was awarded a world Guinness record winner for the most expensive décor on a Christmas tree. The expense of the décor is approximated to be $16 million dollars. The tree was furnished with 83 pieces of jewelry. The Christmas tree had kept the record till 2010 when an Abu Dhabi Christmas tree having the worth over $11million of designing only was constructed.

Christmas Tree With Most Lights

This Christmas tree is founded at Cologne Cathedral in Germany. It won the award by the Guinness world book of records as the Christmas tree with most lights in 2006. The tree had 150,000 light bulbs that were burned together in five minutes. The flash of the tree was pointed at making money for a charity foundation for orphans.

Tallest Christmas Tree

The tallest Christmas tree in the world was built in the Northgate shopping center of Seattle, Washington in 1950s. The tree won the world Guinness award as the tallest cut Christmas tree that year. It’s recorded height was 221ft. The tree has over 3600 lights.

Largest Human Christmas Tree

The world’s largest human Christmas tree is positioned in Guangzhou, Guangdong in China. It’s recorded height is 56m with a circumference of 69 and base diameter of 22m. The tree created by GZ Think big Communications Co. Ltd and won the Guinness world record for the greatest artificial tree in 2015. The tree is essentially green with lamps and ornaments for improvement and a star at the top.

Conclusion :

Although the Christmas is widely famous festival celebrated by the Christianity followers, yet a few Muslim countries also have adopted the use of Christmas tree decorations with an unusual one being at Abu Dhabi.

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