Africa Continent Countries, Capitals, Currency, Language

Africa Continent Countries, Capitals, Currency, Language

Africa is the world’s second largest continent with respect to area as well as concerning population it is also 2nd in the world. It has almost 56 countries altoghter, including total 54 independent as well as 2 diputed countries.
Some stats about the Africa continent:

Africa Contient has total Area 30,370,000 km2
According to wikipedia info total Population 1,225,080,510 (2016, 2nd)
Total Population density 36.4/km2
GDP (nominal) US$3.3 trillion (2017, 5th)
Countries 54 (and 2 disputed)

“Africa hosts a large diversity of ethnicities, cultures and languages. In the late 19th century European countries colonised almost all of Africa. Africa also varies greatly with regard to environments, economics, historical ties and government systems. However, most present states in Africa originate from a process of decolonisation in the 20th century. African nations have attempted to cooperate through the establishment of the African Union, which is headquartered in Addis Ababa.”




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