7 Countries with the Free College Education

Today, the college tuition cost has increased and skyrocketed, with a huge rise over the last five years as the state budgets have reduced the college funding. For example, in Arizona, this growth in tuition has been 77%. Two-thirds of American college students graduated with a college debt, and that debt now has exceeded $1.2 trillion. By all evidences, college is now more costly than it has ever been, that has become much difficult to access by not only the poor Americans but also the middle-class students. Whereas numerous changes performed in the last few years, may have assisted slowing the extension of college fee, they proceed to outpace American students’ capability to pay. In this article, we have listed the 7 countries with free college education that will help you fining your desired institute with FREE-education.

Though it appears in the world’s richest country; there are several areas worldwide where college is virtually free. The Washington Post’s Rick Noack highlights seven countries where American and other international students can study without any cost or at very nominal tuition cost – and in English! Students just need be prepared for leaving the country.

7 Countries with the Free College Education – At a Glance

Rank Country Capital
1.  Brazil  Brasília
2.  Germany  Berlin
3.  Finland  Helsinki
4.  France  Paris
5.  Norway  Oslo
6.  Slovenia  Ljubljana
7.  Sweden  Stockholm


Detailed List of Top 7 Countries That offer free Education

1. Brazil

Free Education in Brazil

Brazil is a vast South American country that boasts offering the free education. It is offering free college education to its citizens, and its open universities are more prestigious than many other private educational institutes that cost you tuition fee. Various schools in Brazil charge you a nominal registration fee, Noach Records, though they don’t ask students to pay regular tuition. Many these institutes are offering various courses in English.

2 . Germany

Free College Education in Germany
Germany is widely famous for free education so not only the German students take advantage of this golden opportunity, but international students also enjoy the free college education in Germany. Currently, Germany offers more than 900 programs in English and is excited to bring international students to tuition-free universities due to the lack of skilled individuals in Germany.

3 . Finland

Free colleges in Finland
Finland also offers you the free college education. However, Finland government requires the international students to bear all their living expenses. If you have a dream to enjoy the free college education in a famous international college, Finland can be a dream land where you can make your dream true.

4. France

Free College and University education in France
France is one of the most famous countries in western Europe. It circles medieval and port cities, mountains, tranquil villages and Mediterranean beaches. France also offers you the free education at college and university level. However, some public schools charge you about 200 dollars that are a quite less from what you have to pay in the USA even in a state school.

5. Norway

Get FREE education in Norway

Norway is widely famous as one of the most richest countries in the world. It has a strong economy that makes its citizens the happiest country in the world. Norway government provides its residents a broad range of facilities including the free college and university education. It not only offers the Norwegian students the facility of free education, but the international students also enjoy free college. However, the international students coming to Norway must be able to afford all expensive living costs in Norway.

6. Slovenia

Slovenia Institutes offering free education
Slovenia is another European country that also offers you the free college education. It has many free colleges and universities offering different programs to not only the local students but also the international students. It offers you more than 150 English language programs; however, it asks you to pay a nominal registration fee, but no tuition cost.

7. Sweden

Free education in Sweden
During the last few years, a lot of changes have been made in the Swedish education system. Though, the facility of free education remained same. Here, a broad range of schools, colleges, and universities that are getting the government funding. But these institutes are liable to offer free education not only to the national but also the international students.


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Although this article emphasizes mostly on countries where English speakers can efficiently enjoy the low-cost or no-cost classes, it’s worth pointing out that even some of the most poorest countries allow tuition-free college while our very wealthy society doesn’t. Only one country, South of the border, in Mexico, public college is approximately free; if a nation in the middles of a bloody drug war that has murdered thousands of individuals can still manage to offer that an education to its citizens, why can’t the USA?


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