10 cities with the most congested commutes

10 cities with the most congested commutes

In our daily life routines, the two usual things which are mostly adopted by people for certain purposes are commuting and traveling. There are some cities all around the world that make our lives free from the commuting stress as they have spacious roads so, usually car free on weekends. The life of commuters is affected badly in those cities which are occupied by the traffic all the time.

Now I am going to discuss with you people some cities which are listed on top because of the most congested traffic. Here below are the 10 cities with the most congested commutes

  1. Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria is considered in one of the biggest cities and it has a very large population. It is top ranked for its crazy traffic problem because due to fuel subsides it is very convenient for everyone to buy his personal car. The road system is very poor in this city and routes are also limited. It is very difficult to improve the road facilities here because of overpopulation.

  1. Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka is one of the cities where it is very hard to beer the traffic congestion. People have to face these issues due to poor urban planning. The roads are very narrow, routes are very limited and roads are usually battered because of floods. It is heard that in Dhaka, there is only a 7 % of the land which is covered by the road.

  1. Sao Paolo, brazil

This city is notorious for its traffic jam which often goes as long as 150 km or up to 200 km when there are some weather issues. It has 11.3 million people so, it is considered as 7th most populous city in the world. The yearly rate of growing traffic in the Sao Paulo is 7.5%. People usually jammed in the traffic from 3 to 4 hours on daily basis.

  1. Cairo, Egypt

The unsympathetic effects to the economy of Cairo have to face because of the traffic congestion as it is very serious problem in this city. It has 19 million people and the major populous city in the world. It also effects to the quality of people in that area. The fuel is very reasonable there which give confidence to the people to buy automobiles. It is one of the reasons of biggest traffic issues.

  1. Luanda, Angola

It is most expensive city and the major problem of traffic in that area is poverty and the poor network of roads. These poor roads are the main cause of congestion.

  1. Los Angeles, united states

The semi dense pattern in that city is the major cause of traffic in the city. People even stuck 70 hours in traffic which is very worst thing.

  1. Beijing, China

During working hours the average traffic jam in Beijing is 35 minutes per hour. The major cause is too much cars or population so, government is planning to restrict the license of new cars.

  1. Mumbai, India

Mumbai once known for its regulation on roads but now the condition of roads is worst one because of traffic jam. People not obey the traffic rules which are the main cause of traffic congestion. The infrastructure development is also another cause.

  1. London, England

The bad traffic condition in London is due to Uber cars, installation of cycle lanes and the Amazon deliveries.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

The largest population is the major cause as Bangkok is the place which attracts the tourists.




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